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IP Issues When Selling Accessories?

IP Issues When Selling Accessories?

In Trademark Ownership    -  updated on 11/11/2009
Forgive me as I am a total newbie regarding intellectual property law.

I am offering accessories for a product. I am unsure how intellectual property law applies.

Let me set some examples, which is set up as follows:

- My product is called "Widget X"
- "Widget X", is an accessory for "Product Y"

1) Am I infringing on a trademark if I have on my advertisments: "Widget X, Accessory for Product Y"?

2) Am I infrin...
Trademark accessory?

Trademark accessory?

In Domain Names    -  updated on 11/11/2009
I have already posted this question in the Domain Name Section but I am not sure that was the right place to put it. Mods feel free to delete from the wrong forum if necessary.


I have a question regarding a website that is considering registering their domain name with the trademark office for rights enforcement.

The problem is, the website's domain name uses what is certain to b...
Password access

Password access

In Domain Names    -  updated on 7/5/2010
Hi.. When I want to web entry the passowrd is lock .. is not possible to write de password ?
access account.

access account.

In Branding    -  updated on 2/5/2011
i want to access my account information.i am a contributor at waterford place name is david aryee.
Re new Trademark   Liberty CB accessories

Re new Trademark Liberty CB accessories

In Branding    -  updated on 8/25/2012
My name is Garry Cole I would like to renew my trademark.
I need to access my service mode on my amp

I need to access my service mode on my amp'd t.v.

In Can I Trademark it?    -  updated on 2/6/2020
I want to use my usb port to watch movies. Is it possible