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QATAR 2022

on 22 Dec 2020

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79272580 filed on 29th May 2019

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6224370 registered on 22nd Dec 2020

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James R Menker


PO Box 331937

Atlantic Beach, FL, 32233

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QATAR 2022

Education, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops in the field of sports and distributing course materials in connection therewith; personal training services, namely, strength and conditioning training; physical fitness training services; training services in the field of soccer; provision of training courses in the areas of coaching, refereeing, administration and managRead More

Classification Information

Class [004]
Lubricant and Fuel Products

Industrial oils and greases; lubricants, namely, all-purpose lubricants, motor vehicle lubricants, and industrial lubricants; lubricating oils and greases; motor oils and fuels; gasoline in the nature of fuel; natural petroleum; gasoline for motors and engines; kerosene; liquefied petroleum gas; raw or refined petroleum; motor oils; industrial oils; combustible oils; lubricating oils; refined oils, namely, refined petroleum; diesel oil; diesel fuel; fuel gas; fuel oil; biofuel; natural gas; non-chemical additives for motor fuels, lubricants and greases; candles; waxes being raw materials

Class [009]
Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products

Eyeglasses; sunglasses; diving and swimming goggles; cases, cords and chains for sunglasses and eyeglasses; binoculars; magnets and decorative magnets; directional compasses; automotive batteries; electronic monitoring instrument clusters, namely, access control and alarm monitoring systems; radiator thermostats; electronic control apparatus for automobile propellants; electronic control apparatus for automobile bodies and chassis; remote door locking systems comprised of electronic lock assemblies, electronic locks, motorized door locks and digital door locks; Hi-Fi audio systems, namely, surround sound systems and components therefor; apparatus for recording, transmitting, editing, mixing and reproducing of sound and images; radios; televisions; flat screens; liquid crystal display screens; high-definition and plasma display screens; home cinema system apparatus, namely, audio speakers, headphones, audio receivers, video receivers, television receivers, audio amplifiers, audio decoders, video decoders, electrical audio and speaker cables and connectors, electronic interconnectors for audio and video signals, CD players, CD recorders, DVD players, DVD recorders, audio cassette players, video cassette players, digital media streaming devices, television and video recorders, CRT display screens, LCD large-screen displays, flat panel display screens, plasma display panels, video projectors, televisions, antennas, power conversion devices, power converters, and power inverters; video recorders; compact disk players; portable CD players; DVD players; MP3 players; digital audio players containing music in digital format; cassette players; portable cassette players; mini-disk players; portable radios; loudspeakers; headphones; earphones; microphones; remote controls for radios, televisions, stereos, electronic games and video games; voice-activated remote controls for radios, televisions, stereos, electronic games and video games; navigation apparatus, namely, GPS navigation devices, navigational instruments for vehicles and electronic navigational and positioning apparatus and instruments; personal digital assistants (PDAs); computers; data processing apparatus; computer keyboards; computer screens; modems; computer carrying cases; computer mice; mouse pads; electronic pocket translators; dictating apparatus, namely, dictating machines; electronic notebooks and agendas; scanners; printers, namely, laser document printers, document printers and computer printers for printing documents; photocopiers; facsimile machines; telephone apparatus; telephone answering machines; video telephones; cellular telephones; cases for cellular telephones; devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; earphones and headsets for cellular telephones; keyboards for cellular telephones; cellular telephone straps; specially-adapted bags for carrying cellular telephones; mobile telephone handsets which include a camera feature; photographic cameras and video cameras integrated into cellular telephones; smartwatches; calculating machines; credit card readers; currency exchanging machines; automated teller machines; automated teller machine (ATM); video cameras, portable video cameras with built-in videocassette recorders being camcorders; photographic equipment; lenses for cameras and lenses for photographic apparatus; cameras; cinematographic cameras; projectors, namely, movie projectors, photographic projectors, video projectors, slide projectors, cinematographic projectors and multimedia projectors; exposed films, namely, exposed camera films, exposed slide films, exposed cinematographic films; photographic slides; flash bulbs; special cases for photographic apparatus and instruments; electric cords for photographic apparatus and instruments; electric batteries and cells; karaoke apparatus in the nature of karaoke machines and recorded and downloadable software programs for operation of karaoke machines; video game disks; voice-activated or manually-activated remote controls for radios, televisions, stereos, electronic games and video games; software being recorded computer game software, downloadable game software and downloadable electronic game software; downloadable and recorded computer programs, namely, computer programs for use as a spreadsheet, computer programs for word processing, computer programs for presenting and manipulating data in the field of sports information; downloadable and recorded data bank management software; downloadable and recorded screensaver software; blank magnetic, digital or analog recording media, namely, DVDs for recording sounds or images; magnetic, digital or analog recording media, namely, prerecorded DVDs, downloadable audio and video recordings, and CDs featuring sounds or images in the fields of sports, sports events, sports records, athletes, sports personalities and celebrities; video disks, video tapes, magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, DVDs, floppy disks, optical disks, compact disks, mini-disks, CD-ROMs, all the aforesaid goods being blank or pre-recorded with music, sound or images which may be animated; hologram apparatus; magnetically-encoded cards, namely, gift cards; memory adapters being computer hardware; memory cards; prerecorded memory devices in the nature of flash memory cards featuring personal information for identifying particular users and guests; blank memory devices in the nature of computer memories; blank integrated circuit cards in the nature of blank smart cards; integrated circuit cards being encoded smart cards containing programming used for personal identification and admission to sports and entertainment events; microchip or magnetically encoded credit cards; microchip or magnetically encoded prepaid phone cards; microchip or magnetically encoded cards for cash dispensers; microchip or magnetically encoded cards for automated teller and money exchange machines; microchip or magnetically encoded prepaid cards for mobile phones; microchip or magnetically encoded stored value travel and entertainment cards; microchip or magnetically encoded check guarantee and debit cards; magnetically encoded credit cards; digital dashboards, namely, electronic display interfaces; electronic controllers for vehicles and chassis; alarms, namely, burglar alarms, personal security alarms, fire alarms and smoke alarms; remote control apparatus for opening and closing vehicle doors; windsocks for indicating wind direction; photovoltaic cells and solar panels for the production of electricity; gauges, namely, fuel gauges and pressure gauges; distance-measuring apparatus; apparatus for measuring and displaying speed, namely, electronic speed measurement devices and speed indicators; tire pressure sensors; tire pressure gauges; downloadable electronic publications, namely, books, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers and newsletters in the fields of sports, sports events, sports records, athletes, sports personalities and celebrities all available via databases and the Internet; downloadable electronic road maps; audio receivers; sound amplifiers; television cathode ray tubes; recorded and downloadable computer software, computer hardware, and set-top boxes for converting, supplying, receiving and transmitting audio and video data; disk drives for computers; semi-conductors; protected semi-conductors; integrated circuits containing programs for audio, video or computer data processing; rechargeable batteries; audio and video data processors and converters; data transmission cables; speedometer cables and spare structural parts therefor; protective helmets for sports; magnetically-encoded identification bracelets; electronic tickets recorded on computer media; electronic tickets in the form of magnetically-encoded cards; contact lenses; contact lens cases being receptacles for cleaning and storing contact lenses; virtual reality headsets * ; virtual reality headsets for game condoles *

Class [012]
Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water

Bicycles; motorcycles; motor scooters; cars; recreational land vehicles including SUVs; trucks; vans; motor homes; buses; minibuses; trailers; refrigerated vehicles; motor homes, including those powered by electric, gasoline, diesel-powered engines and hybrid engines; airplanes; boats; hot air balloons; dirigible balloons being airships; tires; inner tubes for tires; rubber tread for retreading tires; kits for repairing tires and inner tubes consisting primarily of tire patches and adhesive rubber patches for the repair of tires and inner tubes; adhesive rubber patches for repairing tires and inner tubes; valves for vehicle tires; tire inflation apparatus, namely, tire inflators; non-skid devices for vehicle tires, namely, spikes and snow chains; wheels; wheel rims; vehicle wheel parts, namely, spacers for wheel rims; hubcaps; solid tires for vehicle wheels; brake parts for vehicles, namely, brake discs, cables and linings for land vehicles; vehicle wheel spokes; accessories for vehicles, namely, sun shields, roof racks, ski racks, bicycle racks, seat cushions and fitted covers for vehicles; fitted protective covers for vehicles; spoilers for vehicles; convertible tops for vehicles; sun roofs for land vehicles; air flow spoilers for vehicles; parts for vehicles, namely, grille guards; air bags for vehicles; fitted fabric cushioned covers for vehicle safety belts; steering wheels for vehicles; license plate holders; alarm systems for motor vehicles; spare vehicle parts, namely, spare tire covers and spare structural parts for bicycles, motorcycles, motor scooters, automobiles, trucks, vans, motor homes, buses and refrigerated vehicles; dashboards for vehicles; mounts for land vehicle engines; fitted fabric padded covers for vehicle seat-belts; vehicle rearview mirror covers; baby carriages, strollers; safety seats for babies and children for vehicles; anti-skid chains for vehicles; engines and motors for land vehicles

Class [014]
Jewelry Products

Fine jewelry; necklaces; jewelry; precious stones; jewelry articles made of crystal; gemstones; watches; wristwatches; watch bands; clocks; wall clocks; chronographs as watches; chronometers; cases adapted for holding watches; clock and watchmaking pendulums; medallions; pendants; jewelry brooches; bracelets; bracelets of leather; silicone bracelets being jewelry; pins being jewelry; team and player pins being jewelry; tie clips and tie pins; cuff links; medals; commemorative medals of precious metal; medallions, trophies, statues and sculptures of precious metal; decorative pins being jewelry for hats, all of precious metal; key rings; key rings comprised of split rings with decorative trinkets or fobs; coins, namely, collectible coins, commemorative coins, non-monetary coins, souvenir pressed coins, and monetary coin sets for collecting purposes; medals and badges of precious metal for clothing; decorative key holders being key chains; lanyards being jewelry chains for holding keys; medallions, not of precious metal; collectors' printed bottle caps being pogs made of precious metal

Class [016]
Paper Goods and Printed Material

Money clips for holding bank notes; tablecloths of paper; napkins of paper; bags of paper; invitation cards; greeting cards; cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form; gift-wrapping paper; coasters of paper; doilies and place mats of paper; garbage bags of paper or of plastics; plastic shopping bags; food wrappers; coffee filters of paper; labels of paper or cardboard, hand towels of paper; toilet paper; tissues of paper for removing make-up; boxed facial tissues; tissues of paper; writing materials and school supplies except apparatus, namely, writing instruments, pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, highlighter pens, highlighting markers, folders, notebooks, paper, drawing rulers, protractors as drawing instruments, paper clips, pencil sharpeners, writing grips, glue for stationery or household purposes and bookmarks; magnetic boards; typewriters; paper for typewriters, paper for copiers and letter paper being stationery; envelopes; themed pads of paper for writing; notepads; writing books; scribble pads; binders; cardboard boxes for archiving; document sleeves being document covers; book covers; bookmarks; lithographs; framed paintings being pictures; unframed paintings being pictures; painting art pads; drawing pads; books of games, crosswords and puzzles; luminous paper; self-adhesive labels, not of textile; crêpe paper; tissue paper; staples; staplers; flags of paper; pennants of paper; writing instruments; pen nibs; pencils; pens; pen sets comprised of pens and pen holders; pencil sets comprised of pencils and pencil holders; felt pens; felt-tip pens; ballpoint pens; felt-tip markers; ink, namely, writing ink, drawing ink, ink sticks, ink for pens, pen ink refills and pen ink cartridges; inking pads; rubber stamps; paint boxes; coloring and drawing pencils; chalks; decorations for pencils being stationery articles; printing blocks; magazines in the fields of sports, sports events, sports records, athletes, sports personalities and celebrities; newspapers; books and journals in the fields of athletes and sports events; printed teaching material in the fields of sports, sports events, sports records, athletes, sports personalities and celebrities; printed sports and tournament schedules for recording results; event programs; event albums; photograph albums; autograph books; address books; diaries in the nature of day planners; diaries being personal journals; road maps; printed entry tickets; printed airplane tickets and boarding passes; bank checks; printed timetables; circulars and pamphlets in the field of sports, sports events, sports records, athletes, sports personalities and celebrities; printed comic strips; collectable trading cards; collectable trading cards in the field of sports; stickers for cars; stickers; sticker albums; calendars; posters; photographs; postcards; stamps; postage stamps, commemorative stamp sheets; advertising signs and banners of paper or cardboard; transfers being decalcomanias; office requisites except furniture, namely, correcting fluids for type, fingerstalls, paper hole punches, rubber bands, numbering machines, paper shredders, envelope sealing machines for offices, paper cutters for office use, office check writing and engraving machines; correcting fluids for type; rubber erasers; pencil sharpeners; stands for pens and pencils; paper clips; thumbtacks; drawing rulers, adhesive tapes for stationery purposes; adhesive tape dispensers; stencils; stencil plates; clipboards; notepad holders; bookends; stamps being seals; non-magnetically encoded prepaid telephone calling cards, ATM cards, travel and entertainment cards, check guarantee cards and account cards made of paper or cardboard; credit cards not encoded of paper or cardboard; luggage tags; passport holders

Class [018]
Leather Products (not including clothing)

Leather and imitations of leather; thongs being straps of leather; umbrellas, parasols; sports bags other than those adapted for products they are designed to contain; sports bags with wheels; duffel bags; leisure bags, namely, weekend bags, overnight bags and travel bags; traveling bags; backpacks; carrier bags, namely, courier bags, messenger bags, tote bags and suit carriers; school bags; bags for hanging on belts, namely, belt bags; handbags; leather bags; ball-shaped leather bags; beach bags; garment bags for travel; suitcases; fitted belts for suitcases; holdalls; briefcases of leather; toiletry cases sold empty; toiletry bags sold empty; key cases of leather; business card cases; identity card cases; luggage tags of leather; document cases; wallets; purses being coin purses; clothing for pets; collars for pets; leashes for animals

Class [021]
Houseware and Glass Products

Non-electric household or kitchen utensils and containers, namely, graters, sieves, spatulas, strainers, turners, rolling pins, pot and pan scrapers, and skimmers; portable cooking kits for outdoor use; glass bottles being containers sold empty; spoons for mixing being kitchen utensils; non-electric fruit presses for household needs; cutting boards for the kitchen; trays for household needs; ice buckets; manual mixers, namely, shaker bottles sold empty; shakers, namely, cocktail shakers and salt and pepper shakers; sugar bowls; beer mugs; beer jugs; mugs; cups; drinking glasses; decanters; plates; dishes; coasters not of paper or textile for glasses or bottles; saucers; beer and wine glasses; teapots; household gloves; corkscrews; bottle openers; bottle cap removers; bottles, sold empty; insulating flasks; non-electric household containers for food and beverages; combs and hair brushes; toothbrushes; dental floss; flossing devices, namely, dental flossers and dental floss; interdental stimulators, namely, interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; statues, sculptures, figurines, ornaments and trophies of terracotta or glass; decorative bottles for cosmetic use sold empty; drying racks for laundry; waste paper baskets; piggy banks not of metal; souvenir plates for decorative use on tables; feeding bowls and cages for pets; commemorative plates

Class [025]
Clothing Products

Clothing, namely, robes, tops, bottoms, beachwear, swimwear, nightwear, neckwear, loungewear and dressing gowns; footwear; headwear; shirts; knitwear, namely, knit shirts, knit pants, knitted underwear, knitted caps, knit bottoms, knit dresses, knit jackets, knit skirts; pullovers; sweatshirts; slipovers; tee-shirts; vests; singlets; dresses; sports dresses; skirts; sports skirts; underwear; swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits being bikinis; tankinis; dressing gowns being robes; shorts; trousers; sweaters; bonnets; caps being headwear; hats; scarves; headscarves; sashes for wear; shawls; visors; peaked caps being headwear; tracksuits; sweatshirts; jackets; sports jackets; stadium jackets; blazers; waterproof clothing, namely, waterproof coats, waterproof jackets, waterproof pants, waterproof shoes and rainwear; coats; uniforms; neckties; wristbands as clothing; clothing in the nature of wristbands against perspiration; headbands; silicone sports wristbands as clothing; gloves; aprons; bibs not of paper; pajamas; play suits for infants and children; clothing for babies, namely, infantwear; socks and stockings; garters; belts; suspenders; sandals, flip-flops; sports shoes, namely, outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, basketball shoes, cross-training shoes, cycling shoes, indoor sports shoes, footwear for track and field athletics, tap shoes, indoor and outdoor football shoes, football boots, canvas shoes, tennis shoes, street sports shoes, sailing shoes, aerobic shoes; clothing for athletic use, namely, fleece sweaters, jogging suits, sports knitwear in the nature of knit shirts, sports pants, polo shirts, sweatshirts, running pants, football style jerseys, rugby style jerseys, socks, bathing suits, warming tights and stockings, tracksuits, functional underwear, jerseys, tops with integrated bra, leotards, snow suits, snow jackets, snow pants

Class [028]
Toys and Sporting Goods Products

Games, namely, card games, building games, tabletop games, memory games, target games, trading card games and parlour games; toys, namely, dolls, mechanical toys, molded toy figures, plush toy animals and snow globes; play balloons; board games; tables for indoor football (soccer); dolls and plush toys; micro-jerseys being miniature replicas of football style shirt products for toys; toy vehicles; jigsaw puzzles; balloons; inflatable toys; playing cards; confetti; gymnastic and sporting articles, namely, gymnastic apparatus, balance beams, gymnastic horizontal bars, gymnastic parallel bars, gymnastic training stools, gymnastic vaulting horses, pommel horses, springboards and gymnastic apparatus; appliances for gymnastics; football (soccer) equipment, namely, footballs (soccer balls), gloves, knee, elbow and shoulder pads, shin guards and football (soccer) goals; kick-at-goal football (soccer) walls; sports bags and cases specially adapted for carrying sports equipment; paper and plastic party hats; hand-held electronic games adapted for use with television receivers only; joysticks for video games; video game machines; apparatus for video games, namely, gaming headsets adapted for use in playing video games, video game interactive control floor pads or mats, and video game interactive hand held remote controls for playing electronic games; video game consoles; electronic game machines with liquid crystal displays; hand-held electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; game pads, namely, video game interactive control floor pads; steering wheels and dancing mats being interactive controls for video games; toy foam hands; toy robots for entertainment; arcade games; scale model airplanes; toys for household pets; scratch cards for playing lottery games; kites; roller skates; toy scooters; skateboards [ ; virtual reality headsets for game consoles ]

Class [032]
Light Beverage Products

Non-alcoholic beverages, namely, carbonated beverages, soft drinks, Guarana drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, flavored water, drinking water, herbal juices, carbonated water, health and wellness drinks in the nature of fruit drinks and lemonades, flavored waters, non-alcoholic malt beverages, non-alcoholic malt coolers, non-alcoholic beverages with tea flavor, fruit drinks, vegetable drinks and vegetable juices; fruit and vegetable juices; fruit beverages containing juice and flavored with juice; syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages; concentrates, syrups and powders used in the preparation of soft drinks; concentrates, syrups or powders used in the preparation of sports and energy drinks; concentrates, syrups or powders for making sports beverages; concentrates, syrups or powders for making soft drinks or tea-flavored beverages and fruit-flavored beverages; mineral and aerated waters; energy drinks; isotonic drinks; sports drinks, namely, hypertonic drinks; sports drinks, namely, hypotonic drinks; fruit and vegetable drinks and juices; diet beverages, namely, diet sodas and low calorie soft drinks; sports beverages; iced fruit beverages; non-carbonated and non-alcoholic flavored iced soft drinks; sports drinks enriched with added vitamins not for medical purposes; beers; lagers and ales; strong beers in the nature of stouts; low-alcohol beers; non-alcoholic beers

Class [035]
Advertising, Business & Retail Services

Advertising services; commercial business management; commercial business administration; employment agency services; personnel recruitment; advertising services through sponsorship; online advertising services; information and advisory services in relation to commercial business management and commercial business administration provided online or via the Internet; advertising and promotional services; dissemination of advertising and promotional materials; provision and rental of advertising space and advertising material; publication of advertising material and texts; rental of advertising time in film credits; television advertising, radio advertising; promotion of sports events in the field of football; promotion of the goods and services of third parties; financial sponsorship search in relation to football competitions; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet or on wireless electronic communication devices; provision of space on web sites for advertising goods and services; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; online auction services; compilation of business directories for publication on the Internet and on wireless electronic communication networks; promotional marketing services; sports promotion and public relations agency services; market study services; marketing research services; public opinion polling services; organization of events, exhibitions, trade fairs and trade shows for commercial, promotional purposes; organization of advertising exhibitions for trade fairs; data bank management services; compilation of statistics; collection of data, statistics and other information on sports performances; advice regarding company organization and management; business consultancy for companies; organization of promotional competitions, namely, promoting the goods and services of others by means of contests; provision of commercial information; advertising of sports events in the field of football; retail store services and online retail store services in the fields of common metals, machines and machine tools, tools and utensils, optical, audiovisual, magnetic, electric and electronic apparatus and equipment, medical apparatus and equipment, apparatus and equipment for lighting, heating, cooking, refrigerating, drying and ventilating, vehicles and accessories, articles in precious metals, jewelry and watchmaking and timekeeping instruments, badges and pins, musical instruments, paper and cardboard goods, printed materials and stationery, tickets for sports events, leather and imitation leather goods, luggage and bags, umbrellas, household goods, furniture, promotional and exhibition articles, textile goods, clothing, footwear and headgear, embroidery and ribbons, cords and cord derivatives, floor coverings, games, toys, sporting articles, food and food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, solvents, paraffin, wax, bitumen and petroleum, fuels, oils, lubricants, transmission fluids, brake fluids, anti-freeze agents, cooling fluids, hydraulic fluids, greases, gasoline, gasoline for engines, diesel fuel, fuel oil, fuel gas, fuel gas, bio-fuel, hub caps, tires, casings for pneumatic tires, alloys for wheels, sun screens, roof racks, holders for carrying sports equipment, seat covers, covers for cars, potato chips, French fries, milk, milk beverages, drinking yogurts, milk shakes, milk products, cheese, soy milk being a milk substitute, non-alcoholic beverages, mineral and carbonated waters, energy drinks, isotonic beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages and juices, beers, lagers and ales, non-alcoholic beers, coffee, tea, cocoa, cakes, biscuits, crackers, candies, edible ices, confectionery, chocolate confectionery, chocolate, corn chips, mustard, vinegar, sauces being condiments, hamburger sandwiches, cheeseburger sandwiches, sandwiches with fish, meat or vegetables, and hot dog sandwiches, which services enable customers to view and purchase those goods in stores or via the Internet or via wireless electronic communication; retail store services featuring food and beverages; retail store services featuring dispensers filled with food and beverages which services enable customers to conveniently view and purchase those food and beverages; retail food store services in restaurants, school dining rooms, bakeries, delicatessen, corporate dining rooms, specialty food stores, ice cream shops, yogurt shops, coffee shops, cookie shops; retail store services, including online retail store services, in the fields of fuel, kerosene, fuel gas, bio-fuel, motor oils and greases, lubricants and greases, hydraulic transmission oils and fluids, fluids for hydraulic circuits and hydraulic oils, enabling customers to view and purchase those goods in stores or via the Internet or via wireless electronic communication; commercial administration services for the processing of sales made on the Internet or on wireless electronic communication devices; business administration services, namely, billing; sales promotion, namely, promoting the goods and services of others by means of a preferred customer program; sales promotion services in the field of tickets; customer loyalty services and customer club services for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes; compilation of data, namely, still or animated images, into a central file of business purposes

Class [036]
Insurance & Financial Services

Insurance underwriting for all types of insurance; financial services, namely, financial advice, financial consulting, financial analysis and research, financial information and advisory services, financial management, financial planning, financing services and money lending; monetary affairs, namely, money transfer, money order services, money order payment guarantee services, money lending; real estate management services; financial management of payments for others; issuing of tokens of value as a reward for customer loyalty, that can hold personal information about the identity of the card holder and enabling control of access to sports stadiums; issuance of credit cards and travelers' checks; providing financial risk management services for credit card and travelers' checks transactions via a global computer network; banking services; automatic teller machine (ATM) services; processing of electronic payments carried out by means of prepaid cards; mobile commerce payment services, namely, bill payment services provided via mobile applications; credit services, namely, credit risk management, credit and loan services and credit card authorization and verification services; investment services, namely, investment of funds for others, investment advice, investment management, investment brokerage and investment consultation; check guarantee card services, namely, check verification services; financial services relating to cyber money, namely, cryptocurrency exchange services; electronic wallet payment services, namely, processing of electronic wallet payments; electronic fund transfer services; processing of standing order payments; banking services in the nature of telegraphic transfer of money and funds; online and remote bill payment services; trading for others of financial derivatives; foreign currency exchange services; safe deposit box services; remote online home banking services; checking account services; deposits of valuables, namely, securities deposit services; subscription services for stocks and bonds, namely, online virtual stock trading; financial consultancy; stock and bonds brokerage; fiduciary representative services for corporations and individuals; financial sponsorship of sports events; provision of online information in relation to financial, banking, insurance and investment services; Internet banking; bill payment services via wireless electronic communication apparatus and equipment; credit card, debit card and electronic check transaction processing services; retail banking services, namely, financing of loans and lease securitization, mortgage lending against the net value of real estate, providing personal loans and student loans and lines of credit related thereto, business and commercial credit reporting and verification factoring agency services, real estate financing, lease-purchase financing of business and industrial equipment, financial management of mortgages and loans, financing and lease-purchase financing of automobiles, negotiation of financial products, securities deposit services, financial guarantees with respect to deposits and surety; currency exchange services; issuing letters of credit and documentary credit; electronic financial trading services; financial asset management, hard strong currency trading

Class [037]
Construction and Repair Services

Service station services, namely, cleaning, lubricating, maintenance and repair of vehicles; anti-rust treatment for vehicles, engines and machines; cleaning, polishing, greasing, lubricating, maintenance and repair of aircraft and trailers; cleaning of motor vehicles; mounting and repair of tires for vehicles; installation and maintenance of wireless electronic communication networks in the nature of telecommunications hardware; installation and repair of computer hardware; real estate construction services, namely, construction and refurbishment of houses, recreation facilities, commercial premises, offices, shopping malls; construction, installation and repair of sports fields of natural or artificial turf; construction and maintenance of electric power plants; construction and maintenance of pipelines; installation and assembly of structures for the extraction of crude oil; installation of equipment for the extraction of crude oil; installation of solar panels; installation of wind power systems; installation of hydraulic power systems; mining extraction services

Class [038]
Communications Services

Telecommunication services, namely, personal communication services, ISDN services, telecommunications access services, data transmission and reception services via telecommunication means, telecommunications gateway services, radio communications; communications by telephones and mobile telephones; electronic communication services by telephone; radio communications; facsimile communications; paging services; teleconferencing services; television program broadcasting; radio program broadcasting; news agency services, namely, the transmission of news items to news reporting organizations; rental of telephone apparatus, facsimile and other telecommunication apparatus; transmission of commercial Internet pages online or via wireless electronic communication devices; radio and television broadcasting and radio and television program broadcasting services provided via satellite, cable or wireless networks; electronic transmission of messages; provision of internet access to a blog, chat room, bulletin board or discussion service; provision of access to live chat rooms online and electronic bulletin boards enabling transmission of messages, comments and multimedia content among users, for creating a network of contacts; provision of access time to Internet sites containing road maps, information about driving directions and the location of businesses; computer-aided transmission of messages and images; provision of access time to private and commercial purchasing and ordering services via computer, a global computer network and/or interactive communication technologies; electronic mail services, namely, electronic transmission of email; provision of telecommunications connections to data banks or the Internet; provision of access to websites for listening to digital music on the Internet via wireless electronic communication devices; electronic transmission of radio and television programs of sports and sports events; broadcasting of radio or television programs related to sports and sports events; providing telecommunications connections to computer installations on a global computer network ; rental of access time to a centralized computer and to data banks; rental of access time to the Internet via a global computer network or via wireless electronic communication devices; real-time transmission in the nature of streaming of video and audio material on the Internet; real-time transmission in the nature of streaming of audio, video and television material on the Internet; provision of access to Internet search engines; public electronic re-transmission of broadcasts and videos featuring sporting events for entertainment purposes

Class [043]
Restaurant and Hotel Services

Restaurant services, fast food restaurant services; providing food and drink, at a counter or a window, at the table and on site, or outside, for home delivery; snack bar services; reception and hospitality services, namely, providing temporary accommodation, providing food and beverages at sports sites and outside and during sporting events; temporary care services, namely, providing temporary accommodation, food and beverages on and off site at sports venues; take-away restaurant services featuring food and drink services for take-out from supermarkets, grocery stores and service stations; catering services; hotel services; resort lodging; boarding house services; reservation of hotels and temporary lodgings; rental of conference rooms, namely, VIP lounges and lodges inside and outside sports stadiums

Class [039]
Transportation & Storage Services

Travel agency services, namely, arranging and making reservations for transportation for travel tours; travel agency services, namely, reservation of travel tickets; providing information relating to travel and transportation ticket reservations and bookings; airplane, train, boat, bus and truck transportation services; air transportation services featuring a frequent flyer bonus program; boat excursion transportation services; providing transportation for sightseeing tours; vehicle rental services; rental of parking spaces; taxi transport services; delivery of goods in the nature of merchandise; transport of goods by motor vehicles, trucks, trains, boats and airplanes; packaging of goods for others; transport and delivery of goods, namely, documents, packages, parcels and letters; postal, messenger and courier services; newspaper, magazine and book delivery services; warehousing; distribution of water or electricity; heat and gas supplying; delivery of films and sound and image recordings; delivery of tickets; satellite-assisted GPS navigation services; transport, delivery and storage of gasoline, petroleum, hydrocarbons, gas, lubricants, solvents, paraffin, wax and bitumen; transmission and distribution of electricity; transport of oil or gas through pipelines; transport and storage of waste; consultancy relating to the delivery of energy and electricity

Class [041]
Education and Entertainment Services

Education, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops in the field of sports and distributing course materials in connection therewith; personal training services, namely, strength and conditioning training; physical fitness training services; training services in the field of soccer; provision of training courses in the areas of coaching, refereeing, administration and management of sports and sports medicine; entertainment in the nature of soccer competitions, matches and tournaments; entertainment services, namely, public viewings of sports events; entertainment services, namely, laser shows, live audio and visual performances by actors, musical bands and dancers, live performances by a musical band, preparation of special effects and fireworks displays provided at or relating to sports events; organization of community sporting and cultural events and activities for entertainment purposes; organization of lotteries and competitions in the nature of games of chance; organization of sporting competitions and events in the field of football (soccer); providing sports facilities; fun park services, namely, amusement park and theme park services; health and fitness club services, namely, providing fitness and exercise facilities; rental of audio and video equipment; production and rental of films and sound and video recordings; publication of books; rental of interactive educational and entertainment products, namely, films, books, compact discs, DVDs, mini-discs, CD-ROMs; publication of statistics and other information on sports performances, namely, providing a website featuring sports player, team, league and tournament statistics and other information on sports player and team performances; publication of reviews of radio and television coverage of sporting events; production and editing services for radio and television programs; photography services; photographic, audio and video recording services; production of cartoons being animated movies; production of animated television programs; seat booking services for entertainment and sporting events; ticket reservation services for entertainment and sporting events; ticket agency services for sports events; timing of sports events; audio and video recording services, namely, recording of sports events; organization of beauty contests; interactive entertainment, namely, providing an on-line computer game accessible network-wide by network users, providing on-line poker games, and providing temporary use of non-downloadable interactive games, computer games and electronic games; gambling services; provision of raffle services in the nature of a lottery; providing online computer game services; providing online entertainment in the nature of video and computer game tournaments; organization of computer game competitions including online game competitions; providing information relating to entertainment or education, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet or on wireless electronic communication devices; electronic game services provided by means of the Internet or on wireless electronic communication devices; editing of books; electronic publication of books and journals online; entertainment services in the form of chat rooms on the Internet or via wireless electronic communication devices; entertainment services in the form of cinema theaters; translation services; interpreter services; reception and hospitality services, namely, planning and conducting of parties for entertainment purposes and reservation of seat tickets for sporting or entertainment events in connection therewith; provision of online information concerning sport and sports events from a computer databank or the Internet

Class [042]
Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services

Rental of computer software and computer hardware; computer consulting services; data processing services in the nature of computer programming; computer software development; creation, design, compilation and maintenance of websites or sites on wireless electronic communication networks; installation and maintenance of computer software; creation and maintenance of electronic communication networks; compilation of websites for use via computer networks particularly the Internet or via wireless electronic communication devices, namely, creating, maintaining and hosting the web sites of others; uploading of websites on the Internet or on wireless electronic communication networks; hosting of websites on the Internet or on wireless electronic communication sites; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software for use in database management, for use as a spreadsheet, for word processing, and for presenting and manipulating data in the field of sports information; provision of search engines for the Internet; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software enabling users to create and share texts, documents, images, photos, videos, maps and road maps; development of computer systems, namely, creating online virtual communities for registered users to organize groups and events, participate in discussions and engage in social, business and community networking; hosting websites on the Internet enabling others to organize colloquiums, events and interactive discussions via communication networks; application service provider (ASP) services, namely, hosting software applications for others; development of software applications for computers; cloud computing services, namely, cloud hosting provider services; design and development of operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software for enabling or facilitating the uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over communication networks; providing online non-downloadable customized software platforms on the Internet, as well as on mobile telephone networks, for allowing users to generate content, personal profiles, sound, videos, images, texts, graphics and data; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for social networking, creating a virtual community, and transmission of audio and video data, photographic images, texts, graphics and data; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software through a web site for enabling online users to create personal profiles featuring social networking information and to transfer and share such information among multiple websites; oil and gas exploration services; geological exploration; analysis services for exploiting oilfields; research, development, analysis, advice, design and consultancy relating to technology in the oil industry; technical engineering consulting, design and planning in the field of photovoltaic installations; technical engineering consulting, design and planning of wind installations; research, development and analysis, and consultancy in relation to electronic control units for managing solar electric and/or wind power installations; design of energy and power systems; engineering analysis relating to energy and power needs of others; development of energy and power management systems; engineering technical project study and professional consultancy services relating to power and energy needs of others; design services for power plants; computer security services for protection against unauthorized network access

Mark Details

Serial Number

No 79272580

Mark Type

No Service Mark

Attorney Docket Number

No 1024.0243

44D Filed


44D Current


44E filed


44E Current


66A Filed


66A Current


Current Basis


No Basis


Design Code(s)

21.03.01 -

Balls including playground balls, beach balls, billiard balls, tennis balls, bingo balls and lottery balls

27.03.05 -

Representations of objects forming letters or numerals, including punctuation

Description of Design Search

The mark consists of the wording "QATAR 2022" where the "0" is in the form of a soccer ball.

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