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on 04 Jul 2023

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Hereford House, 3 Offa Street




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90889255 filed on 18th Aug 2021

Registration Number

7095992 registered on 04th Jul 2023

in the Principal Register

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Alexander Lazouski




Filing Basis

1. intent to use




itted table covers; furniture; bedroom furniture; bookcases; chests of drawers; cushions; beds; mattresses Cafe services; bar and restaurant services; juice bar services; mobile restaurant services; pizza parlors; providing food and drink in internet cafes; providing food and drink in restaurants and bars; serving food and drinks; tea rooms; tapas bars Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; ruit flavo Read More

Classification Information

Class [043]
Restaurant and Hotel Services

Cafe services; bar and restaurant services; juice bar services; mobile restaurant services; pizza parlors; providing food and drink in internet cafes; providing food and drink in restaurants and bars; serving food and drinks; tea rooms; tapas bars

Class [041]
Education and Entertainment Services

Amusement park services and theme park services, entertainment services in the nature of conducting fairs; zoos and museums; audio, film, video and television recording services; film directing, other than advertising films; film production for entertainment purposes; photography; entertainment in the nature of presentation of ongoing television programmes in the field of news; production of radio programmes, and entertainment in the nature of presentation of ongoing radio programmes in the field of news; production of audio-visual recordings; production of cinematographic films; production of entertainment in the form of a television-programme series; production of entertainment in the form of sound recordings; production of entertainment in the form of television programmes; production of films in studios; production of television programmes and cinema films; production of television entertainment features, other than advertising; entertainment services, namely, provision of ongoing multimedia entertainment programs featuring comedy, distributed by television, broadband, wireless and on-line services; television-programme, radio-programme, and film production; electronic online publication of periodicals and books; electronic publication of texts and printed matter, other than publicity texts, on the internet; issuing of publications, namely, scientific papers in the field of math; creation in the nature writing of podcasts; multimedia publishing; multimedia publishing of books; multimedia publishing of electronic publications; on-line publishing services, namely, of books, e-books, audio books, music, and illustrations, other than advertising; providing online non-downloadable comic books and graphic novels; providing on-line non-downloadable publications in the nature of books and magazines in the field of computer games; publication of books; publication of printed matter; writing of texts, namely, speech writing, for non-advertising purposes; writing screenplays; arrangement of conventions for recreational purposes, namely, for comic books, for technology, and for gaming; arrangement of seminars for recreational purposes, namely, gaming; arranging and conducting conferences and seminars in the field of telecommunications technology; arranging of soccer games; conducting of conventions for entertainment purposes, namely, gaming; art-exhibition services for entertainment purposes; organisation of conferences related to entertainment, namely, gaming; entertainment in the nature of theater productions; entertainment services for producing live game shows; live entertainment, namely, music concerts; organising of theatre productions; organization, production and presentation of theatrical performances; presentation of live entertainment events, namely, music concerts; presentation of theatrical performances; production of live entertainment events, namely, music concerts; production of live performances, namely, music concerts; production of plays; production of stage-play shows; provision of live entertainment, namely, music concerts; theater production

Class [032]
Light Beverage Products

Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; ruit flavored soft drinks; Ginger beer; Lemonades; Non-alcoholic flavored carbonated beverages; Non-alcoholic beer; ruit drinks; ruit juice beverages; Concentrated fruit juice; ruit nectars, non-alcoholic; ruit-based beverages; Non-alcoholic vegetable juice drinks; Vegetable juices; Vegetable drinks; Vegetable smoothies; Bottled drinking water; Alcohol free wine; Energy drinks; Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; Non-alcoholic beverages containing vegetable juices; Non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice drinks; Non-carbonated soft drinks; Soft drinks; Smoothies

Class [030]
Staple Food Products

Bread and buns; bagels; crisp breads; gluten-free bread; fruit breads; oat cakes for human consumption; pita bread; scones; soda bread; wholemeal bread; cereal-based savoury snacks; corn chips; crackers flavoured with spices; crackers flavoured with vegetables; frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta; frozen meals consisting primarily of rice; frozen pastry stuffed with vegetables; pasta salad; pasta-based prepared meals; pies containing vegetables; rice crackers; risotto; tabbouleh; tortilla chips; tortillas; vegetable pies; herb teas, other than for medicinal use; herbal infusions; tea; coffee; grain- or chicory-based coffee substitutes; dairy-free chocolate; vegan ice cream; sorbets; soya-based ice cream substitutes; cooking sauces; curry pastes; hot sauce; salt; spices; seasonings; vegetable concentrates used for seasoning; vegetable-based seasonings for pasta; thickening agents for use in cooking, namely, vegetable thickeners; agave syrup for use as a natural sweetener; maple syrup

Class [029]
Meats and Processed Food Products

Vegetable puree; almond milk; almond milk-based beverages; coconut milk; coconut milk-based beverages; margarine; milk substitutes; non-dairy milk substitutes; oat milk; soya milk; soya yoghurt; soya-based beverages used as milk substitutes; coconut fat; coconut oil for food; cooking oils; extra virgin olive oil for food; oils for food; vegetable oils for food

Class [028]
Toys and Sporting Goods Products

Board games; dice; card games relating to fictional characters; playing cards; role playing games; trading cards for games; children's playthings, namely, jump ropes; jigsaw puzzles; tabletop and parlour games; kites; magic tricks; magicians' sets being play things consisting of magic tricks; play wands; plush toys; puzzles; rag dolls; swings; toy animals; toys, namely, flying discs; toy models sold as the primary component of craft model kits; toy models sold as the primary component of model craft kits of toy figures; toy models sold as the primary component of toy model hobby craft kits

Class [027]
Floor Covering products

Wall fabrics, namely, textile wall coverings; decorative wall hangings, not of textile; mural-art wall hangings not of textile; textile wallcoverings; textile wallpaper; wall coverings of paper; wallcoverings; wallpaper; carpets; door mats; bath mats; floor rugs; textile floor mats for use in the home; carpeting; carpet runners

Class [026]
Lace, Ribbons & Embroidery and Fancy Goods

Yarn spools for holding knitting yarn; thread spools for holding sewing threads; knitting needles; hair bands; hair extensions; hair ornaments in the form of combs; hair ornaments in the nature of hair wraps; hair pins and grips; hair scrunchies; wigs

Class [025]
Clothing Products

Underwear and nightwear; ladies' underwear; lingerie; men's underwear; pyjamas; undershirts; bathing suits; beach clothes in the nature of swim trunks; clothing belts; clothing belts made from imitation leather; clothing belts made out of cloth; Bermuda shorts; blazers; blouses; blue jeans; bomber jackets; boys' clothing, namely, shirts and pants; casual jackets; casual shirts; casual trousers; casualwear, namely, clothing tops and bottoms, shirts, and pants; clothing for men, women and children, namely, tops, bottoms, shirts and pants; clothing of imitations of leather, namely, jackets; coats for men; coats for women; cosplay costumes; costumes for use in children's dress up play; costumes for use in role-playing games; denim jackets; denim jeans; dresses; duffel coats; evening wear, namely, blazers; evening coats; fabric belts; fleece tops; formal evening wear, namely, tuxedos; formalwear, namely, tuxedos; girls' clothing, namely, tops, bottoms, shirts and pants; gloves; hooded bathrobes; headscarves; hooded clothing tops; imitation leather dresses; jackets; ladies' clothing, namely, tops, bottoms, shirts and pants; loungewear; men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; men's socks; men's suits; menswear, namely, clothing tops and bottoms, shirts, and pants; outerclothing, namely, anoraks; parkas; polo shirts; raincoats; rainwear; rugby tops; scarves; shirts; shorts; skirts; socks and stockings; sportswear, namely, clothing tops and bottoms, shirts, and pants; suits; sweaters; tights; trousers for children; women's suits; womens' outerclothing, namely, parkas; woollen tights; yoga pants; yoga socks; yoga tops; boots; canvas shoes; casual footwear; children's footwear; dress shoes; footwear for men; footwear for women; ladies' boots; ladies' sandals; leisure shoes; men's sandals; running shoes; sandals; shoes; slippers; baseball caps; caps being headwear; flat caps being headwear; hats; headbands; sun hats; woolly hats; fancy dress-up costumes for use in children's play

Class [024]

Mural-art wall hangings of textile; unfitted sofa covers not of paper; unfitted furniture coverings of textile; bed linen; bed clothes, namely, covers, and bed blankets; bath towels; duvet covers; hand towels; baby blankets; bed blankets; bed covers; bed linen and table linen not of paper; bed throws; children's blankets; cotton bed blankets; duvets; mattress covers; quilt covers; picnic blankets; bed sheets; sleeping bags; throws; woollen blankets; wall decorations being hangings of textile; wall hangings of textile; wall fabrics, namely, textile wall hangings; soft furnishings, namely, furnishing fabrics; dish towels for drying; kitchen towels; kitchen linens; plastic table covers; table linen of textile; curtains; covers for cushions

Class [023]
Yarns and Threads

Knitting yarns; embroidery thread and yarn; hand knitting wools; knitting yarns made of wool; linen thread and yarn; natural knitting yarns; yarn sold on spools; thread sold on spools; textile yarns; spun wool; twisted threads and yarns; yarn; yarns for sale in kit form; yarns for domestic use; yarns and threads for textile use

Class [021]
Houseware and Glass Products

ish cloths in the nature of tea cloths; combs; comb cases; make-up brushes; cleaning sponges; busts made of china; busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; ornaments of crystal; figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; ornamental models made of porcelain; ornamental sculptures made of porcelain; painted glassware works of art; porcelain ware works of art; works of art made of crystal; sculptures made from glass; works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass

Class [020]
Furniture Products

itted table covers; furniture; bedroom furniture; bookcases; chests of drawers; cushions; beds; mattresses

Class [018]
Leather Products (not including clothing)

Umbrellas; umbrella covers; parasols; combination walking sticks and umbrellas; walking stick handles; cane handles; walking staffs; imitation leather; carry-all bags; weekend bags made of imitation leather; belt bags and hip bags; bumbags; canvas shopping bags; carry-on bags; cases of imitation leather; clutch bags; drawstring bags; duffel bags; evening handbags; fashion handbags; flight bags; gym bags; handbags; handbags made of imitations leather; handbags, purses and wallets; key cases of imitation leather; knitting bags for carrying and holding knitting supplies; luggage; make-up cases sold empty; overnight bags; overnight cases; pouches of textile; purses; rucksacks; school bags; suitcases; travel luggage; weekend bags; wheeled luggage

Class [016]
Paper Goods and Printed Material

Table linen of paper; bags made of paper for packaging; boxes of paper or cardboard; cardboard packaging; carrier bags of paper or plastic; decorative wrapping paper; gift bags; cardboard gift cartons; cardboard gift packaging; gift wrap paper; paper bags; paper gift bags; paper gift tags; wrapping paper; arts and crafts paint kits; modeling compounds; paint boxes for use in schools; paper crafts materials, namely, craft paper; wallpaper stencils; address stamps; blotters; calligraphy ink; coloured lead pencils; date stamps; drawing ink; drawing pencils; felt pens; fountain pens; gel roller pens; cardboard gift cases for writing instruments; ink for writing instruments; ink pens; ink stamps; pen and pencil boxes; pen and pencil cases; ballpoint pen sets; pencil cases; pencil sets; pens; retractable pencils; seal ink pads; sealing stamps; seals; stamp pads; writing brushes; writing cases, namely, stationery cases; writing sets, namely, stationery cases; writing instruments; writing ink; writing chalk; rubber erasers; printed books featuring computer games; adhesives for household art use; adhesive paper; napkins made of paper for household use; paper tissues; table napkins of paper; tablecloths of paper; tissue paper; cardboard gift boxes; cardboard household storage boxes; art pictures in the nature of paintings, drawings, and printed photographs; art prints; printed birthday cards; bookmarkers; printed calendars; printed christmas cards; printed coloring books for adults; printed colouring books; printed desk diaries; desk sets; printed diaries; drawing pads; envelopes; paper gift cards; printed greeting cards; illustrated notepads; printed music note books; printed note books; printed note cards; printed note pads; printed notepads; printed picture cards; printed picture postcards; printed photographic reproductions; printed pocket calendars; printed pocket diaries; printed pocket notebooks; printed posters; printed art reproductions; printed award certificates; printed patterns for costumes or making clothes; printed publications in the nature of magazines featuring computer games; sealing wax; printed sewing patterns; spiral-bound notebooks; collectible printed trading cards; writing materials, namely, ballpoint pens; book covers; series of printed fantasy books; series of printed fiction books; printed cookery books; drawing books; arts and craft paint kits

Class [015]
Musical Instrument Products

Musical instruments; Cases for musical instruments

Class [014]
Jewelry Products

Jewellery; bracelets; jewelry chains; children's jewelry; cuff links; jewelry brooches; earrings; jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery; necklaces; paste jewellery; rings; women's jewelry

Class [009]
Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products

Information technology and audio-visual, multimedia and photographic devices, namely, computers; audio/visual and photographic devices, namely, cameras; sunglasses; diving goggles; reading glasses; eyewear; spectacles; downloadable augmented reality game software for playing computer games; downloadable computer application software featuring games and gaming; downloadable computer game software for playing on-line interactive games; computer game software, downloadable; downloadable computer gaming software; downloadable computer software for entertainment, namely, downloadable computer software for playing computer games; downloadable computer game programs; downloadable computer games software; downloadable computerized games software; downloadable audio recordings featuring music; downloadable audio visual recordings featuring music; books featuring computer games, recorded on disc; cinematographic films, exposed; digital books featuring computer games, downloadable from the internet; downloadable electronic books featuring computer games; downloadable movies featuring computer games; downloadable publications in the nature of books and magazines featuring computer games; downloadable e-books featuring computer games; downloadable video films featuring computer games; downloadable video recordings featuring computer games; downloadable electronic data files featuring virtual reality models

Class [006]
Metal Products

Sculptures of metal; Sculptures of non-precious metal; Ornamental figurines of common metal; 3 wall art made of common metal; igures of common metal; Works of art of common metal

Class [005]
Pharmaceutical Products

Herbal medicine, namely, herbal tinctures for medical purposes; herbal supplements; herbal teas for medicinal purposes

Class [004]
Lubricant and Fuel Products

Candles; perfumed candles; scented candles; tea light candles; candles for night lights; wicks for candles; aromatherapy fragrance candles

Class [003]
Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

Non-medicated soaps; toilet soaps; perfumed soaps; beauty soap; bar soap; bath soaps; shaving soaps; cosmetic soaps; body cream soap; bath bombs; bath lotion; bath oil; bath foams; bubble bath; bath crystals; liquid bath soaps; shower and bath gel; perfumes; perfumery; fragrances; fragrance for household purposes; air fragrance reed diffusers; refills for electric room fragrance dispensers; essential oils; cosmetics; cosmetics for children; cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; cosmetics and make-up; nail paint; nail cosmetics; colour cosmetics for children; skin moisturisers used as cosmetics; make-up; make-up powder; compacts containing make-up; make-up pencils; eye make-up; make-up for the face and body; make-up removing lotions; eye make-up removers; make-up remover; hair lotions; hair conditioners; hair creams; hair colouring preparations; hair care preparations; hair straightening preparations; hair curling preparations; hair styling gel; hair oils; hair mousse; hair moisturisers; hair lighteners; hair shampoos; dentifrices; toothpaste

Class [002]
Paint Products

Paints; paints for arts and crafts; varnishes; lacquers

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