Logo Design - Case Study

  • 1. Background

    Forever mark Cabinetry is a premiere cabinetry maker specializing in kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

    The brainstorm process begins with deriving the message the logo is meant to send.

  • 2. Preliminary Concept

    Since most of their products revolve around wood, the initial logo concept incorporated both color and design properties of a wood panel.

    Interior designs elements within the panel were sketched to mimic signature pieces of artists.

  • 3. Color

    Colors that carry the concept are utilized while hue, saturation and lightness are tested to find ideal color scheme

  • 4. Font

    Pristine, the font type, was chosen because of its slim profile, open spacing and elegant attributes. Since the logo size, especially in contrast with a white background, would dominate the initial glance, we wanted to balance it with a timeless looking font that softly indicated its presence.

  • 5. Design

    Through Adobe illustrator, the artist, designs out actual logo, ensuring you get every layer for future customability.

  • 6. Reflection

    In our concept pitch to the client, the industry shift toward environmentally conscious clientele became rather apparent. In revising the concept to provide a more contemporary, and vibrant experience, we adapted the brand to be more green. The location of the graphic was altered to ease the visual flow, as the name came off rather long.

  • 7. Final Version

    Final details are presented and image files are delivered.