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on 22 Oct 2021

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79111002 filed on 21st Oct 2011

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Uskov and Partners, Law Firm

Tokmakov Lane, 5, bld. 1

RU-105066 Moscow, Russian Federation

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No Filing Basis



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Modelling for artists; academies education; rental of tennis courts; lending libraries; booking of seats for shows; videotaping; nursery schools; physical education; discotheque services; animal training; dubbing; gaming; publication of books; education information; recreation information; entertainment information; movie studios; health club services; club services entertainment or education; nigRead More

Classification Information

Class [009]
Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products

Dvd players; ticket dispensers; juke boxes, musical; vending machines; motor fire engines; answering machines; accumulators, electric; accumulators, electric, for vehicles; actinometers; alidades; altimeters; ammeters; anemometers; anodes; aerials; anticathodes; apertometers optics; high-frequency apparatus; remote control apparatus; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; monitoring apparatus, electric; sound recording apparatus; diffraction apparatus microscopy; sound transmitting apparatus; electrical apparatus for sealing plastics packaging; electric apparatus for commutation; intercommunication apparatus; projection apparatus; blueprint apparatus; blinkers signalling lights; stereoscopic apparatus; telegraphs apparatus; telephone apparatus; telephone transmitters; facsimile machines; phototelegraphy apparatus; acidimeters for batteries; aerometers; barometers; solar batteries; batteries, electric; magnetic tape units for computers; computer memories; encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; scales; camcorders; video cassettes; video telephones; video screens; viewfinders, photographic; plugs, sockets and other contacts electric connections; micrometer screws for optical instruments; switchboxes electricity; loudspeakers; detectors; slides photography; slide projectors; diaphragms photography; dictating machines; floppy disks; phonograph records; disks, magnetic; optical discs; disk drives for computers; juke boxes for computers; dna chips; electronic notice boards; identification threads for electric wires; locks, electric; bells warning devices; alarm bells, electric; electric door bells; signal bells; acoustic conduits; buzzers; measures; inverters electricity; indicators electricity; temperature indicators; measuring instruments; mathematical instruments; levelling instruments; surveying instruments; azimuth instruments; interfaces for computers; ionisation apparatus, not for the treatment of air; fibre fiber (am.) optic cables; cables, electric; calipers; calculating machines; cinematographic cameras; electronic pens visual display units; holders for electric coils; identity cards, magnetic; video game cartridges; encoded cards, magnetic; carriers for dark plates photography; automated teller machines atm; cinematographic film, exposed; computer keyboards; electronic agendas; mouse pads; magnetic encoders; collectors, electric; commutators; compact discs audio-video; compact discs read-only memory; comparators; computers; notebook computers; condensers capacitors; contacts, electric; contacts, electric, of precious metal; neon signs; amplifying tubes; flashlights photography; magnetic tapes; correcting lenses optics; magnets; mouse data processing equipment; protective masks; materials for electricity mains wires, cables; money counting and sorting machines; megaphones; diaphragms acoustics; diaphragms for scientific apparatus; metronomes; rules measuring instruments; shutter releases photography; microprocessors; microscopes; microtomes; microphones; modems; monitors computer hardware; animated cartoons; headphones; sound recording carriers; magnetic data media; optical data media; sheaths for electric cables; identification sheaths for electric wires; objectives lenses optics; limiters electricity; eyepieces; wrist rests for use with computers; spectacle frames; pince-nez mountings; spectacles optics; radio pagers; electronic pocket translators; transmitters telecommunication; transmitters of electronic signals; switches, electric; plates for batteries; compact disc players; cassette players; sound recording strips; semi-conductors; circuit breakers; converters, electric; telerupters; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; distance measuring apparatus; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; teaching apparatus; time recording apparatus; distance recording apparatus; nautical apparatus and instruments; optical apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for physics; chemistry apparatus and instruments; measuring apparatus; measuring devices, electric; observation instruments; navigation apparatus for vehicles on-board computers; satellite navigational apparatus; regulating apparatus, electric; precision measuring apparatus; instruments containing eyepieces; audio-receivers; video-receivers; prisms optics; printers for use with computers; magnetic wires; telegraph wires; telephone wires; wires, electric; conductors, electric; computer operating programs, recorded; computer game programs; computer programs downloadable software; record players; central processing units processors; electronic publications, downloadable; distribution consoles electricity; control panels electricity; radar apparatus; transmitting sets telecommunication; radios; vehicle radios; frames for photographic transparencies; walkie-talkies; voltage surge protectors; voltage regulators for vehicles; light dimmers regulators, electric; cell switches electricity; relays, electric; x-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; rheostats; scanners data processing equipment; integrated circuit cards smart cards; connections for electric lines; connections, electric; satellites for scientific purposes; audiovisual teaching apparatus; radiotelegraphy sets; radiotelephony sets; optical glass; glass covered with an electrical conductor; anti-glare glasses; personal stereos; stereoscopes; hands free kits for phones; counters; taximeters; word processors; television apparatus; telescopes; teleprompters; teleprinters; portable telephones; transistors electronic; telephone receivers; amplifiers; steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; video recorders; sound reproduction apparatus; tape recorders; apparatus for games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; data processing apparatus; amusement apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; optical character readers; editing appliances for cinematographic films; couplers data processing equipment; computer peripheral devices; acoustic couplers; photocopiers photographic, electrostatic, thermic; bar code readers; cameras photography

Class [035]
Advertising, Business & Retail Services

Arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; import-export agencies; commercial information agencies; advertising agencies; cost price analysis; rental of advertising space; auditing; employment agencies; computerized file management; accounting; invoicing; demonstration of goods; transcription; opinion polling; marketing studies; business information; commercial information and advice for consumers consumer advice shop; business investigations; marketing research; personnel recruitment; professional business consultancy; layout services for advertising purposes; business management of performing artists; news clipping services; updating of advertising material; word processing; secretarial services; shorthand; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; shop window dressing; business appraisals; payroll preparation; data search in computer files for others; sponsorship search; business management assistance; commercial or industrial management assistance; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; economic forecasting; auctioneering; sales promotion for others; office machines and equipment rental; rental of advertising time on communication media; publicity material rental; rental of vending machines; rental of photocopying machines; publication of publicity texts; typing; radio advertising; outdoor advertising; distribution of samples; direct mail advertising; writing of publicity texts; advertising; on-line advertising on a computer network; advertising by mail order; television advertising; document reproduction; compilation of statistics; compilation of information into computer databases; business inquiries; systemization of information into computer databases; tax preparation; drawing up of statements of accounts; publicity columns preparation; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; business management of hotels; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; administrative processing of purchase orders; public relations; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; relocation services for businesses; price comparison services; procurement services for others purchasing goods and services for other businesses; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; photocopying; efficiency experts

Class [036]
Insurance & Financial Services

Credit bureaux; debt collection agencies; real estate agencies; customs brokerage; financial analysis; leasing of farms; hire-purchase financing; savings banks; accommodation bureaux apartments; rent collection; issuing of travellers' checks cheques; issuance of credit cards; issue of tokens of value; capital investments; insurance information; financial information; clearing, financial; insurance consultancy; financial consultancy; stock exchange quotations; business liquidation services, financial; brokerage; financial management; exchanging money; debit card services; credit card services; home banking; factoring; organization of collections; antique appraisal; jewellery appraisal; stamp appraisal; real estate appraisal; numismatic appraisal; art appraisal; financial evaluation insurance, banking, real estate; repair costs evaluation financial appraisal; electronic funds transfer; guarantees; securities brokerage; housing agents; insurance brokerage; loans financing; lending against security; check cheque verification; charitable fund raising; leasing of real estate; rental of offices real estate; renting of apartments; financial sponsorship; mortgage banking; instalment loans; accident insurance underwriting; apartment house management; real estate management; actuarial services; banking; retirement payment services; fiduciary; mutual funds; financing services; safe deposit services; deposits of valuables; fiscal assessments

Class [037]
Construction and Repair Services

Repair information; construction information; building construction supervision; rental of construction equipment; plumbing; masonry; roofing services; painting, interior and exterior; underwater repair; cabinet making repair; plastering; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; maintenance and repair of telecommunication equipment; furniture restoration; restoration of musical instruments; restoration of works of art; demolition of buildings; construction; telephone installation and repair; installation and repair of telecommunication equipment; electric appliance installation and repair; installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; interference suppression in electrical apparatus

Class [038]
Communications Services

News agencies; television broadcasting; cable television broadcasting; electronic bulletin board services telecommunications services; information about telecommunication; telecommunications routing and junction services; providing internet chatrooms; providing user access to a global computer network service providers; providing access to databases; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; message sending; computer aided transmission of messages and images; sending of telegrams; transmission of telegrams; electronic mail; rental of message sending apparatus; rental of access time to global computer networks; rental of modems; rental of telecommunication equipment; rental of telephones; rental of facsimile apparatus; radio broadcasting; communications by fiber fibre optic networks; cellular telephone communication; communications by computer terminals; satellite transmission; communications by telegrams; communications by telephone; facsimile transmission; paging services radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication; teleconferencing services; telex services; voice mail services; telegraph services; telephone services

Class [041]
Education and Entertainment Services

Modelling for artists; academies education; rental of tennis courts; lending libraries; booking of seats for shows; videotaping; nursery schools; physical education; discotheque services; animal training; dubbing; gaming; publication of books; education information; recreation information; entertainment information; movie studios; health club services; club services entertainment or education; night clubs; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; microfilming; videotape editing; production of radio and television programmes; music-halls; game services provided on-line from a computer network; providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; religious education; gymnastic instruction; correspondence courses; practical training demonstration; organization of balls; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; providing recreation facilities; arranging and conducting of colloquiums; arranging and conducting of congresses; arranging and conducting of conferences; arranging and conducting of concerts; arranging and conducting of workshops training; arranging and conducting of seminars; arranging and conducting of symposiums; arranging of beauty contests; organization of competitions education or entertainment; operating lotteries; holiday camp services entertainment; organization of shows impresario services; organization of sports competitions; vocational guidance education or training advice; amusement parks; television entertainment; providing karaoke services; providing sports facilities; providing amusement arcade services; cinema presentations; presentation of live performances; theatre productions; educational examination; timing of sports events; videotape film production; film production; rental of sound recordings; rental of audio equipment; rental of camcorders; rental of video cassette recorders; rental of videotapes; rental of show scenery; rental of movie projectors and accessories; rental of motion pictures; rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; rental of radio and television sets; rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; rental of stage scenery; electronic desktop publishing; publication of electronic books and journals on-line; publication of texts, other than publicity texts; radio entertainment; entertainer services; entertainment; writing of texts, other than publicity texts; news reporters services; party planning entertainment; music composition services; sport camp services; subtitling; providing casino facilities gambling; calligraphy services; providing museum facilities presentation, exhibitions; educational services; orchestra services; translation; scriptwriting services; ticket agency services entertainment; recording studio services; digital imaging services; photography; photographic reporting; circuses; boarding schools; production of shows

Class [042]
Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services

Computer systems analysis; architecture; authenticating works of art; recovery of computer data; graphic arts designing; computer virus protection services; technical project studies; engineering; installation of computer software; material testing; textile testing; bacteriological research; biological research; geological research; research in the field of environmental protection; cosmetic research; mechanical research; physics research; chemical research; research and development for others; analysis for oil-field exploitation; underwater exploration; technical research; calibration measuring; consultancy in the field of computer hardware; computer software consultancy; architectural consultation; oil-well testing; quality control; vehicle roadworthiness testing; dress designing; updating of computer software; oil-field surveys; maintenance of computer software; design of interior decor; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; urban planning; providing search engines for the internet; data conversion of computer programs and data not physical conversion; computer system design; rental of web servers; computer rental; rental of computer software; oil prospecting; hosting computer sites web sites; duplication of computer programs; construction drafting; computer software design; consultancy in the field of energy-saving; creating and maintaining web sites for others; computer programming; industrial design; packaging design; surveying

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Serial Number

No 79111002

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No Service Mark

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44D Filed


44D Current


44E filed


44E Current


66A Filed


66A Current


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No Basis


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26.17.09 -

Curved line(s), band(s) or bar(s)

28.01.25 -

Inscriptions in other non-Latin characters, including hieroglyphic characters Formerly Inscriptions in other non-Latin characters, including Cyrillic (Russian) or hieroglyphic characters

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