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Why is it recommended to hire a trademark attorney?

Hiring a trademark attorney is highly recommended when developing a trademark due to their expertise and understanding of the complex process involved. Trademark attorneys are well-versed in identifying strong and weak marks, which is crucial in creating a unique and successful trademark. They can guide you in avoiding generic, indistinguishable, or weak marks, as well as marks that describe a functional feature, which are all considered weak or ineligible for trademarking. Trademark attorneys can also assist in navigating the long list of exclusions that need to be considered during the development of your trademark. These exclusions can include previously used media titles, national emblems, foreign words that translate to generic descriptions of the product, geographical descriptions, and more. Furthermore, trademark attorneys can provide invaluable support during the application process. They can help you understand the different versions of the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), each with its own price and complexity level. They can also guide you in stating the class of goods or services to which your trademark applies, as well as providing a precise description of your goods or services.

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