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What is the difference between goods and services?

Goods are products, such as bicycles orcandles. Services are activities performed for the benefit of someone else,such as bicycle rental services or catering.  The difference between goodsand services may be confusing.   Are yourcustomers paying for a product or paying you to perform a specific activity?  

If your customer is paying you for aproduct, such as a candle or bicycle, then you have goods.
However, if your customer is paying you to perform anactivity, such as catering or bicycle rental, then you have services. You maylist both goods and services in an application.  You must list thespecific goods/services for which you want to register your mark. If you arefiling based upon a current use of your trademark, you must be using the markin commerce on all the goods/services listed. If you are filing based upon anintent to use your trademark in the future, you must have a good faith or bonafide intent to use the mark on all the goods/services listed.
Goods and services are sorted intocategories called “International Classes ”.Each International Class requires a separate filing feewith the government.   Trademarkia makes the process very easy foryou, just clickhere to get started in applying for your trademark.
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