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What does Trademarkia give me that I can't do myself through the United States Trademark Office?

When you request to file a trademark application through Trademarkia, a licensed U.S. trademark attorney manages your trademark filing from the law firm of LegalForce Worldwide RAPC in Mountain View, California.LegalForce Worldwide RAPC is the largest trademark filing law firm in the United States and for a very low cost, you can elect to have them represent you in filing a trademark application.($99 + government fee for the trademark filing package).
Therefore, you gain the expertise of an experienced trademark law firm in helping you get the best protection possible and defend your rights.
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will not give you legal advice on how best to protect your rights.When you request a filing through Trademarkia, you can receive this service from an attorney.In addition, if and when there are updates to your filing, Trademarkia automatically notifies you and attorneys that represent you through Trademarkia will assist you.Furthermore, USPTO employees cannot:

•Conduct trademark searches for the public;

•Comment on the validity of registered marks;

•Answer questions prior to filing on whether a particular mark or type of mark is eligible for trademark registration; or

•Offer legal advice or opinions about trademark infringement claims.

The USPTO does not enforce your rights in the mark or bring legal action against potential infringers.Attorneys representing you through Trademarkia have experience helping with such matters.All of the things above can be done through an attorney that represents you through Trademarkia. If it's important for you to protect your brand, it makes sense to have a professional help you through Trademarkia.
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