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What are the different formats of trademarks that can be registered?

The process of trademark registration involves several steps and decisions, one of which is determining the format of your trademark. There are three primary formats of trademarks that can be registered. The first is a standard character mark, which includes any combination of words, letters, or numbers. This could be the name of a business or a unique phrase. The second format is a stylized/design mark, which is typically a logo or a unique design. This type of mark has a specific appearance that you wish to protect, and it may or may not include letters or numbers. The third format is a sound mark, which is a unique tune or jingle associated with your brand. Each of these formats serves a different purpose and offers different levels of protection. A standard character mark protects the wording of your trademark, regardless of the font or style in which it is presented. A stylized/design mark, on the other hand, protects the specific design or style of your mark, including any unique colors or shapes. A sound mark protects a unique sound or jingle associated with your brand.

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