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How do I enforce my trademark against infringers?

If someone is infringing your trademark, you can send a cease & desist letterto stop the infirming use.
If you would like to send a cease & desist letter,please visit Trademarkia’s Trademark Cease and Desist LetterServices page.  From there,simply select a cease and desist letter service package offered by one of ourattorney or law firm advertisers, and you will be prompted to provide all ofthe information needed in order to enforce your trademark.

Ifthe infringer does not stop the infringing use upon receipt of your cease &desist letter, you can file a lawsuit against them for trademarkinfringement.  If your trademark isfederally registered, you can sue them in federal court.  In a lawsuit for trademark infringement, thecourt may grant injunctive relief which stops the other party from using themark.  Depending on the specificcircumstances of your case, you may also seek monetary damages, such as theother party’s profits or your lost profits.
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