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Why might a company choose to use a wordmark over a graphic logo?

A company might choose to use a wordmark over a graphic logo for several reasons. Firstly, wordmarks are text-based logos that are easily identifiable and memorable. Some of the most recognized wordmarks include Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Google. These wordmarks have been graphically treated to evoke an image of the product, making them more memorable and identifiable. Secondly, wordmarks maintain a large presence of the company's name. This is particularly important for branding purposes. If every company was represented by small graphics only, it could lead to confusion and make it difficult to remember all the various pictures and images. A wordmark, on the other hand, not only creates a recognizable image but also ensures the company's name is prominently displayed. Thirdly, wordmarks can be effective in avoiding confusion with other trademarks. For example, a wordmark that evokes the same image of a pictorial depiction that is already in use could be ruled to be too similar to another mark, leading to confusion.

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