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What is process to obtain a trademark registration?

Once an application is filed, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) assigns an attorney to examine the proposed trademark. Under ideal circumstances, the process of registration takes around 6 months. The process can take several years if legal issues arise during the examination. If the trademark is approved, USPTO will issue either a Certificate of Registration (if you are already using the trademark) or a Notice of Allowance (if you intend to use the mark at a later date).

The principal factors determining whether an application should be approved include:

A. The similarity of existing registered trademarks, including the mark itself and the covered products. Similar marks can create a likelihood of confusion which is grounds for rejecting the application.

B. The uniqueness of your intended trademark in relation to your product. So called "merely descriptive" trademarks are often rejected.

When you request to register your trademark through Trademarkia, an attorney representing you can help you navigate the process.
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