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What is an intent to use trademark and how does it protect your rights to a mark?

An intent to use trademark is a type of trademark registration that allows an individual or a business to reserve a trademark when they are in the planning or development stage of creating a product or service. This is particularly useful when you have a unique, strong, and distinguishable mark that you want to protect but are not yet ready to use commercially. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allows you to file for an intent to use trademark, which gives you a maximum of three years from the filing date to start using the mark. It's important to note that the date of your official rights to the mark is when you file the intent to use application, not when you start using the mark commercially. This date is crucial if you ever have to defend your mark against an infringing company or individual. This type of trademark registration is a proactive way to protect your intellectual property rights. It ensures that you have exclusive rights to the mark when you're ready to go to market. It also allows you to act against any infringement in the future.

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