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What is a proper specimen for use of a mark on goods (products)?

This information is needed when you apply to register your trademark.  Usually, a specimen for a mark used on goodsshows the actual goods, or labeling or packaging of the goods.  For example, your specimen may be a tag or labeldisplaying the mark, or a photograph showing the mark on the goods orpackaging. The specimen may not be a “mock-up” of these items but must be asample of what you actually use.  Anexample of an acceptable specimen for the mark “T.MARKEY” used on t-shirts isshown below.  Usually, for t-shirts and clothing, the specimen for themark must be on a tag of the shirt as shown below, rather than printed on theshirt itself.  When you request toregister your trademark through Trademarkia, an attorney representing you canassist you in determining what an acceptable specimen is.  Clickhere to get started inapplying for your trademark through Trademarkia.
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