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What process does the patent application from IBM in the Ex parte Mewherter case describe for converting slide show presentations?

The patent application from IBM in the Ex parte Mewherter case describes a process for converting slide show presentations. The system outlined in the application is designed to convert each slide into "raster imagery." This is a type of image made up of pixels, or tiny dots, that together form a complete image. The system then extracts contextual data from the slides, such as titles, and places them in proximity to the raster imagery. The patent application specifically refers to a machine-readable storage medium that has a computer program stored on it. This program is designed to convert a slide show presentation for use with a non-presentation application. The computer program includes a routine of set instructions that cause the machine to perform several steps. These steps include extracting a slide title for a first slide in a slide show presentation, converting the first slide with the slide title into a raster image, disposing both the slide title and the raster image of the slide in a markup language document, and repeating the extracting, converting, and disposing steps for a selected group of slides.

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