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What are the potential consequences of incorrect patent translations?

Incorrect patent translations can have severe consequences, impacting both the value and enforceability of international patents. The importance of quality translation in the patent application process cannot be overstated. A poor translation can result in major content errors, leading to production delays and increased costs for correcting these mistakes. More critically, it can damage the ability to enforce international patents. In fact, a survey revealed that over 80% of respondents had experienced incorrect patent translations, and in a quarter of these cases, the errors had negatively affected the innovation's ability to receive patent protection. The potential consequences of incorrect patent translations underscore the need for careful management of patent translation. This is a costly process, and the effects of poor translation can be disastrous for an invention. Centralizing translation management can help improve budget projections, increase transparency, stabilize costs, and enhance buying power. It also improves quality and establishes lines of accountability to reduce errors.

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