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Why is it important to establish a contract before starting a new client project?

Establishing a contract before starting a new client project is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, contracts offer written protection to ensure you get paid for project changes such as timeline, scope, or deliverables. This prevents you from taking on additional work without extra pay and sets limits on revisions and the approval process. Secondly, contracts establish a payment schedule to ensure timely payment. If the client fails to pay as agreed, you have legal recourse. Common payment structures divide the total into two or three payments spread equally over the project duration, which should be detailed in the contract. Thirdly, having a contract enhances your credibility with clients and starts the project professionally. It also puts provisions in place for unexpected situations. A contract must include an offer, terms, and a commitment to be legally valid. It also requires consideration, which is a fair and equitable exchange, such as a website design for a certain amount of money. Each party to the contract must provide consideration, and the offer must be accepted by both parties. The contract document should include an overview, responsibilities, scope, changes, ownership, payment, warranties, termination, and signatures.

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