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Why is a registered agent required if my business doesn't have a physical location in the state where it's registered?

A registered agent is a crucial requirement for businesses that don't have a physical location in the state where they are registered. The state needs to ensure they can contact someone on your behalf within the state at all times, hence the need for a registered agent.
This agent is responsible for collecting documents such as served court documents, Secretary of State notifications, official state communications, state tax notifications, and annual report notices on your behalf.
The role of a registered agent extends beyond just accepting tax and legal documents. They are allowed to play a part in the business operations, providing a compliance calendar to remind you of important due dates for reports and tax returns.
They also scan, store, and send legal documents via email, ensuring regular follow-ups. If a hardcopy requires a signature, they forward the information via mail.
Having a registered agent offers several benefits. For instance, as a business, you may frequently change your address. With a registered agent, the address remains the same, saving you from the hassle of paperwork every time you change your address. They also help you avoid missing out on paying any fees late or having any legal trouble due to misplaced documents.
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