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Why are basis points important in the context of loans?

Basis points are crucial in the context of loans due to their significant impact on the cost of borrowing. Essentially, a basis point is one one-hundredth of a percent, or .01 percent. This might seem like a small figure, but when applied to large loan amounts, the difference can be substantial. For instance, if you're seeking a business loan, lenders might use basis points to determine the fees on your loan or to lock in a specific interest rate. This could also apply to other types of loans such as car loans, credit card loans, or student loans. To illustrate the importance of basis points, consider a scenario where you borrow $100,000 to expand your business. If your interest rate is 6 percent under certain conditions, your monthly payment would be $1,110.21, with total payments amounting to $133,224.60, and total interest being $33,224.60. However, if you don't agree to those conditions, your rate could increase to 6.25 percent. This would raise your monthly payment to $1,122.80, total payments to $134,736.12, and total interest to $34,736.12.
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