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Who should be notified about the name change of your company?

When you decide to change the name of your company, there are several parties that should be notified. Firstly, you must amend the formation document of your business and file it with the state where your business is registered. This will update the records of the secretary of state or other state agency responsible for regulating corporate affairs. Next, you should inform the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the name change. This can be done by using your new name while filing your annual tax return with the IRS and checking the box in the form to indicate that the name of your business has changed. If you've already filed your tax return for the current year, you can submit a copy of the Certificate of Amendment along with a name-change letter to the IRS to update your new name in the IRS records. In addition to the IRS, you should also update the new name in your business documents and communicate the name change to your bankers, vendors, customers, and all other concerned parties. This includes creditors and other agencies that should be notified about the name change.
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