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Who are the main contributors of most venture capital?

Venture capital, a type of investment made in small businesses with high growth potential, is primarily contributed by high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. These investors, also known as venture capitalists, purchase shares of a company, becoming financial partners. The capital is often pooled into one investment by dedicated investment firms. High-net-worth individuals, also known as angel investors, are a significant source of venture capital. These individuals have amassed wealth from various sources, and many are entrepreneurs or retired executives who invest the money they've earned from building their business empires. Institutional investors, on the other hand, include large institutions such as insurance companies, financial firms, pension funds, or university endowments. These institutions only allot a small portion of their funds into high-risk investments like venture capital. Venture capital can also come from other sources like investment banks, financial institutions, individual investors, and other types of partnerships. However, the majority of venture capital is contributed by high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.
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