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Who are considered as aliens in contract law and how does a war affect their contracts?

In contract law, aliens are defined as individuals who have obtained citizenship in a country other than their birth country. These individuals are fully capable of entering into contracts. However, the status of these contracts can be affected by geopolitical events such as war. If a war breaks out between the alien's country of citizenship and their country of origin, the contracts they have entered into become void. This is due to the potential conflict of interest and the unpredictable circumstances that war can create. The outbreak of war can significantly disrupt the normal functioning of society, including the execution of contracts. War can lead to changes in laws, regulations, and policies, which can directly impact the validity and enforceability of contracts. It can also create practical difficulties in fulfilling contractual obligations due to disruptions in communication, transportation, and other essential services. In addition, war can lead to changes in the economic conditions, such as inflation, currency devaluation, and scarcity of resources, which can make it difficult or impossible for parties to fulfill their contractual obligations. Therefore, to protect the interests of all parties involved and to maintain fairness and justice in contractual relationships, the law provides that contracts entered into by aliens become void in the event of a war between their country of citizenship and their country of origin.

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