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What should be included in a name-change letter to the IRS?

When changing your business name with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it's crucial to include specific details in your name-change letter to ensure a smooth transition. The IRS does not provide a specific format, but omitting essential details could result in a rejection to update their records. In your name-change letter, you should include your Employer Identification Number (EIN), the old name of your business as it appears in IRS records, and the complete address of your business as it exists in the IRS records. Additionally, you should provide the new name of your business and the date from which the name change has been effective. The letter must be signed by the owner or an authorized officer of the business as per IRS records. It's also important to accompany the letter with a state document approving the name change of your business, such as a Certificate of Amendment filed with the state where your business was originally formed. In your letter, clearly state that your business name has changed and request a confirmation from the IRS regarding the updating of the new name in its records. The IRS typically takes about six weeks to process a name-change letter. If you fail to provide the necessary details in your letter, the IRS may request additional information, which could further delay the processing.
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