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What services should be included in the agreement between a florist and a client?

The agreement between a florist and a client should be comprehensive and detailed, covering all aspects of the floral arrangement and decoration services. It should include an itemized list of all flowers and rental items, along with other factors such as linens, chair covers, and candles. The agreement should also clearly state the pricing information, contract policy, and florist plans. During the initial consultation phase, the client's preferences based on their style and budget should be discussed. This includes the theme, favorite flowers, colors, and arrangement types. The client's desired décor and arrangement locations should also be included in the agreement. The client should provide the florist with inspiration boards, photos of the dress, bridesmaid dress, and swatches of linens to help the florist understand their expectations. The agreement should also specify the locations, times, and date of the reception and ceremony. After the agreement is drafted, it should be sent to the client for review and signature. This contract is a legally binding document that defines all legal boundaries and states the services the florist will perform for the client, including the time frame.
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