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What role does corporate governance play in attracting employees and raising capital from investors?

Corporate governance plays a pivotal role in attracting employees and raising capital from investors. It is a mix of regulations and laws that require voluntary practices from the private sector, allowing corporations to operate efficiently and generate long-term value. This efficiency and value generation are attractive to both employees and investors. Employees are drawn to corporations that operate under strong corporate governance principles such as integrity, responsibility, fairness, accountability, and transparency. These principles foster a work environment that is ethical, fair, and respectful, which is appealing to potential employees. On the other hand, investors are more likely to invest in corporations that adhere to strong corporate governance principles. These principles ensure that the corporation is managed efficiently and ethically, reducing the risk of mismanagement and fraud. This provides a level of assurance to investors that their investment is safe and that the corporation is likely to generate a return on their investment. Moreover, corporate governance also establishes a structure in which the goals of a company are determined, the ways of achieving these goals are outlined, and the performance is monitored. This structure provides clarity and direction, which is attractive to both employees and investors.
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