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What is venture capital and who are the venture capitalists?

Venture capital is a form of investment that targets small businesses with high growth potential. The individuals or entities that make these investments are known as venture capitalists. These investors can be investment banks, financial institutions, individual investors, or other types of partnerships. Venture capital investments are characterized by their lack of liquidity, high risk, long-term horizon, and are typically reserved for innovative projects. Venture capitalists purchase shares of a company, becoming financial partners. This type of investment is also referred to as patient risk capital or risk capital, due to the potential for loss if the business does not succeed. It's important to note that venture capital doesn't always come in monetary form; some investors offer their managerial or technical expertise instead of money. Venture capital is a reliable source of raising money for new companies or business ventures with limited operating histories, especially if they don't have access to bank loans, capital markets, or other investment sources. The methods of financing venture capital include equity, conditional loans, and participating debentures.
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