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What is the role of the secretary of state in the process of changing a business name?

The Secretary of State plays a crucial role in the process of changing a business name. When a legal business entity such as a corporation or an LLC decides to change its name, it must amend its formation document and file it with the state where the business is registered. This process updates the records of the Secretary of State or other state agency responsible for regulating corporate affairs. The process begins with finding and researching a new name for the business. Once a suitable name has been chosen, the Secretary of State must be notified about the name change. This is a critical step as it ensures that the new name is legally recognized by the state. After the Secretary of State has been notified, the business must then get the name changed in its licenses and permits. This is followed by informing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the name change. In some cases, a new Employer Identification Number (EIN) may be required. The business must also update the new name in all its business documents and communicate the name change to all relevant parties such as bankers, vendors, customers, and other concerned parties.
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