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What is the role of a statutory agent in an Arizona LLC and what are the requirements to become one?

In an Arizona Limited Liability Company (LLC), the role of a statutory agent is crucial. The statutory agent is responsible for sending and receiving legal paperwork on behalf of the business.
This includes state filings and service of process. The statutory agent can be an Arizona resident or a corporation registered to do business in the state. It can also be an LLC member or a firm hired specifically for this purpose.
To become a statutory agent in Arizona, there are certain requirements that must be met. The statutory agent must have a street address in the state, not a PO box or other mailbox.
The individual must be at least 18 years old, be a full-time resident of Arizona, and have a permanent address. The statutory agent is also required to sign the Statutory Agent Acceptance form.
The statutory agent plays a significant role in the filing of the Articles of Organization, which is a necessary step in creating an Arizona LLC.
The Articles of Organization require the LLC name and business address, the name and address of the statutory agent, the lifespan of the business if not perpetual, whether the LLC will be managed by members or hired managers, and the name and signature of the member who is submitting the filing.
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