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What is the role of a roof auditor in a PRM program?

A roof auditor plays a crucial role in a Preventive Roof Maintenance (PRM) program. The auditor's primary responsibility is to conduct a comprehensive visual audit of the roof areas covered under the PRM. This process involves an informal survey of the roof's condition, which helps identify potential issues before they escalate into significant problems. Following the audit, the roof auditor provides a detailed report, complete with photographs, outlining the current state of the roof. This report includes routine maintenance measures that need to be taken to prevent future damage. The auditor also identifies any damage to the roofing assemblies caused by elements such as wind or lightning, or human error from crew members or maintenance personnel. This damage is itemized in a written report, which includes the costs associated with the damage. The roof auditor's role doesn't end with the audit. Once the audit is complete, a PRI maintenance member is dispatched to the location to begin maintenance work on the roofing assembly. If the repair proposal from the PRI is acceptable to the facility representative, the crew will complete the repairs according to the prescribed maintenance schedules.

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