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What is the role of a registered agent for an LLC in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, a registered agent plays a crucial role in the formation and operation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The registered agent is an individual or company designated to receive process service and other legal documents on behalf of the LLC. This role is essential as it ensures that all legal correspondence, including lawsuits and state correspondence, are properly received and handled. The registered agent must either reside in Massachusetts or be authorized to conduct business in the state. This could be yourself, another member of the LLC, or a professional registered agent service. The name and address of the registered agent are required when filing the Certificate of Organization, a key document in the formation of an LLC in Massachusetts. The registered agent's role extends beyond the formation of the LLC. They continue to act as the point of contact between the state and the LLC, ensuring that the LLC maintains compliance with state law and regulations. This includes receiving annual report notifications and other important legal documents.
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