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What is the requirement for publishing a notice of organization for new LLCs in Arizona?

In Arizona, new Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are required to publish a notice of organization in an approved newspaper in their county for three consecutive weeks.
This requirement is mandatory for all new LLCs, except those located in Maricopa County or Pima County. The notice of organization is a crucial step in the formation of an LLC, and failure to comply with this requirement within 60 days of approval may result in the dissolution of the LLC.
When the LLC is approved, the state will provide information about publishing the notice. The notice of organization is a public announcement that informs the community about the formation of the new LLC. It's a way to ensure transparency and protect the interests of potential creditors and other stakeholders.
It's important to note that this requirement is in addition to other steps involved in forming an LLC in Arizona, such as naming the LLC, choosing a statutory agent, filing articles of organization, and creating an operating agreement.
Each of these steps has its own set of requirements and guidelines that must be followed to ensure the successful formation of the LLC.
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