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What is the importance of traffic for an eCommerce website?

Traffic is of paramount importance for an eCommerce website. It is the lifeblood that keeps an online business thriving. The more traffic your eCommerce website receives, the higher the potential for sales and revenue. This is because every visitor to your site is a potential customer.
The more people that visit your site, the more opportunities you have to sell your products or services.
In the context of starting an eCommerce business, traffic is a key factor that can determine the success or failure of your venture. It's not enough to just have a well-designed website, good customer service, and high-quality products. Without traffic, all these elements are essentially useless.
Traffic also plays a crucial role in building brand awareness. When people visit your site, they get to know your brand, your products, and your services. Even if they don't make a purchase on their first visit, they may return in the future when they need what you're offering.
Moreover, traffic can help you understand your customers better. By analyzing your traffic data, you can gain insights into your customers' behavior, preferences, and needs. This information can be invaluable in refining your marketing strategies, improving your products, and enhancing your customer service.
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