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What is the best definition of a vision statement?

A vision statement, in its most comprehensive definition, is a declaration of an organization's long-term goals and its purpose of existence. It paints a picture of the company's future aspirations and serves as a motivational tool for employees. It also plays a crucial role in strategic planning, providing a foundation for the actions taken to grow the business. A vision statement can be applied to the entire company or a single division, indicating the desired direction of the company. Unlike day-to-day goals, a vision statement focuses on the bigger picture and the optimal growth path for the business. It can range from a single sentence to a paragraph, outlining the ideals of the business and providing a roadmap for the future. It's a living document that should be constantly revised to ensure the goals remain relevant and dynamic. However, it's important to note that a vision statement is not a detailed blueprint for business success. It's about providing inspiration and maintaining focus on the goals, rather than outlining the specific steps to achieve them. For instance, Bill Gates' vision for Microsoft was a world with a personal computer in every home and business, but it didn't detail every step to achieve this goal.
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