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What is Form 1023-EZ and who is it designed to assist?

Form 1023-EZ is a simplified application form designed by the IRS to assist smaller organizations in obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. This form is specifically tailored for organizations with projected annual revenue below $50,000. The main advantage of using Form 1023-EZ is its expedited processing time, which typically ranges from two to four weeks, significantly shorter than the three to six months required for the standard Form 1023. The application process for Form 1023-EZ is entirely online, which contributes to its speedier processing. However, applicants must still adhere to the specific requirements of the IRS when completing and filing the form. This includes providing a description of activities, an article of incorporation, an EIN, policies and bylaws, publications, printed materials, and financial information, along with a filing fee of $600. Despite the simplified process, applicants are advised to hire an attorney specializing in nonprofits to assist with the application. This is because the process of filing Form 1023-EZ can still be challenging, and any errors or incomplete information can result in processing delays.
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