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What Is an Application Service Level Agreement?

What tasks are typically outlined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Service Level Agreements (SLAs) outline a variety of tasks that service providers must perform to meet customer needs. These tasks are commitments that providers are obligated to fulfill as part of the agreement. SLAs can be associated with contracts, escalations can be created, the SLA can be modified, its status can be changed, and performance indicators can be created. SLAs can also be ranked according to precedence, have effective start, end, and review dates set, and be associated with other contracts, SLAs, locations, and assets. Key metrics and performance indicators can be created, and escalations can be established to support SLA commitments. SLA applications allow these agreements to be applied to records across various applications. For example, a service desk user with the right permissions can apply an SLA to work order or ticket applications as needed. SLA escalations help manage and meet service commitments by automatically monitoring important processes and, when necessary, multiple SLAs with different escalation points.

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