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What is a subcontractor and how do they fit into the contractor's work?

A subcontractor is an independent entity that is hired by a primary contractor to assist in completing a specific task or project. They are essentially contractors who work under other contractors. The primary contractor, who is hired by a business, manages all of their subcontractors. The subcontractors sign an agreement with the contractor, similar to the one the contractor signed with the company. This agreement outlines the subcontractor's assignments, responsibilities, due dates for work, pay rates, and rules and regulations. Subcontractors fit into the contractor's work by providing specific services or products as detailed in the subcontractor agreement. This agreement is formed between the primary contractor and the subcontractor and includes details such as the services or products provided, payment details, and any necessary warranties. Subcontractor contracts are most common in construction projects, but they can be used in any project, including marketing firms where subcontractors handle design, writing, and editing tasks.
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