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What information is included in the Certificate of Organization for an LLC?

The Certificate of Organization for an LLC contains crucial information about the company. It includes the federal employer identification number, the company's name, and the street address of the office in the Commonwealth. It also specifies the date of dissolution, the business address and name of the agent who provided services to the business, and the agent's consent on the certificate. The certificate also lists each manager's name and address, if different from the office location. It mentions the business address and name of anyone, other than the manager, who can execute documents to be filed with the Corporations Division. If there are no managers, one or more persons must be named. The certificate can also describe the overall character of the LLC business, the type of professional service it provides, if applicable, and the names and addresses of all members who will work in that service. It also includes a statement about the company's approach to liability insurance. The certificate must be signed by the person forming the LLC and must be filed with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State. The cost to file a certificate of registration can be up to $500 in some states.

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