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What factors should be considered when deciding what products to sell in an eCommerce store?

When deciding what products to sell in an eCommerce store, several factors should be considered. Firstly, there should be a strong and potentially global interest in your product. This ensures that there is a large enough market for your product to be successful.
Secondly, the product should have strong profit margins. This is crucial for the financial sustainability of your business.
Thirdly, the product should be easy to store and transport to customers. This is important for the logistics and operations of your eCommerce business. Fourthly, you should carefully consider the list of items or sectors you want to focus on and what makes your store unique compared to big established sellers.
This helps in differentiating your business from competitors and attracting customers.
It is also advisable to avoid selling products that are already well-established and crowded, such as books, as it may be difficult to compete with major players. Instead, focus on a more select market where you can better stand out.
You can use a variety of online resources and analytics tools to determine what product types are selling well. By finding a trending product early on in its selling cycle, you can be more successful and with greater ease.
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