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What are the responsibilities and expectations of a sales partner as per the agreement?

A sales partner agreement is a legally binding document that establishes a relationship between an organization and an independent sales force. It outlines the nature of the relationship, as well as the responsibilities and expectations of both parties. The responsibilities and expectations of a sales partner as per the agreement can vary, but generally, they include expected sales goals, all expenses the partner expects to have without reimbursement, customer qualifications, a policy on how customers are charged, and all services rendered. The agreement also outlines the compensation plan, which includes details on revenue sharing, commission, timelines for payment remittance, and fee arrangements. The terms of the contract are listed next and all required rights and actions stated. The agreement should also discuss all compensation timelines and structures, as well as what the agreement termination procedures and terms of engagement are. The sales partner agreement should be reviewed by an attorney before it is finalized to ensure all legal aspects are covered. It should clearly state which parties are entering into the agreement and should be structured in a list format with a number assigned to every statement.
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