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What are the requirements for an offer to be considered valid in a legally enforceable contract?

For an offer to be considered valid in a legally enforceable contract, several requirements must be met. Firstly, the offer must clearly express the willingness to commit to a contractual relationship bound by specific terms. The terms of the offer should be such that the recipient can easily accept it without having to do anything other than accept it.
Secondly, the party accepting the offer must do so clearly and absolutely, without any conditions. They are not allowed to substantially change the terms of the offer and must accept the offer before it expires. If no time limit is specified, the offer must be accepted within a reasonable timeframe.
Thirdly, a contract is only legally binding if it involves the exchange of consideration, meaning both parties give something of value. The party who makes the offer gains a benefit, while the party who accepts the offer incurs a corresponding cost.
The consideration only has to be sufficient, meaning the party is only required to give something valuable as a result of the offer.
Furthermore, the contract must comply with the Uniform Commercial Code's Statute of Frauds, which requires certain kinds of contracts to be written for them to be legally enforceable.
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