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What are the protocols to follow when buying a business?

When buying a business, there are several protocols to follow to ensure a successful transition. The first step is preparation and research. This involves understanding the industry you're interested in and identifying the geographical area you want to operate in. It's crucial to choose a business that matches your skills and experience, and a location that is feasible for you. Next, utilize your business and personal contacts. Speak to friends, family, and industry professionals to find out if they know of any businesses for sale. Contact the Better Business Bureau and other relevant organizations to ensure there are no complaints against the business. Another important consideration is the stock. Determine if you will offer stock to anyone, if you will be the sole shareholder, and if the current business owner will want to remain a shareholder once you take over. Also, consider the physical aspects of the business such as furniture, hardware, and the building itself. You need to decide if you will operate in the same storefront as the business, if you will move the storefront, and if the seller of the business will include all furniture and hardware. Lastly, ensure you have duplicates of all contracts and government forms. These documents are crucial for understanding the legal and financial aspects of the business.
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