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What are the potential penalties for not having a registered agent?

The potential penalties for not having a registered agent for your business can be quite severe. The state where you registered your business may view your business as not being in "good standing" if you do not have a registered agent.
This could lead to a variety of penalties, including fines, the inability to enter into legal contracts, the removal of licenses, and a lack of access to court systems.
Moreover, without a registered agent, you may not be aware of legal actions being taken against your business. For instance, if you're being sued and you don't have a registered agent to receive the service of process, you might not know about the lawsuit. This could result in a default judgment being issued against your business.
Additionally, failing to respond to government correspondence due to not having a registered agent could result in further fines and sanctions. If you were to try and reinstate your business after these penalties, the monetary costs could be extensive, and you could also face civil and criminal sanctions.
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