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What are the penalties for late filing of an LLC annual report in Washington?

The penalties for late filing of an LLC annual report in Washington can be quite severe. If you fail to file your annual report on time, you will be charged a late filing fee of $25. However, the consequences can be even more serious. The State of Washington may dissolve your LLC if it fails to file its annual report on time. This means that your business could be shut down, and you could lose all the benefits of operating as an LLC. To avoid these penalties, it's crucial to file your annual report before the due date. The first annual report must be filed within 120 days of filing the LLC formation papers. After that, you must file an annual report every year before the end of the month in which the LLC was formed. You can file your annual report through the website of the Washington Business Licensing Service. You will need to pay a filing fee of $250 for filing on paper and $300 for filing online. You will also need the State ID number assigned to your LLC.
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