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What are the options when selecting a state to incorporate?

When it comes to selecting a state to incorporate, you essentially have two options. The first is to register in the state where you plan on conducting the majority of your business. This is often the most logical choice for small businesses, as it is typically cheaper and more convenient. Local attorneys are more familiar with the laws of your home state and are therefore more equipped to assist you in the incorporation process. The second option is to register in a state where you don't intend to conduct a lot of business. This might be an attractive option due to certain benefits, but it's important to note that it can be more expensive. If you choose this route, you'll be subject to the chosen state's tax and annual reporting fees. Furthermore, you'll still need to register in your home state where you plan on conducting most of your business. Before making a decision, consider factors such as corporate laws by state, market share, and operational costs. Also, think about your long-term goals and where you want to conduct most of your business operations.
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