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What are the key principles of corporate governance that companies should abide by?

Corporate governance is a crucial aspect of any company's operations, ensuring that businesses operate in a manner that benefits both owners and society. The key principles of corporate governance that companies should abide by include integrity, responsibility, fairness, accountability, and transparency. These principles are not just ethical guidelines, but also legal requirements that, if not adhered to, could lead to litigation, court prosecution, or sanctions from state officials. The concept of corporate governance is based on balancing social goals with economic well-being. It aims to foster efficient resource consumption and calls for the ethical distribution of these resources. The primary goal is to balance the interests of society, corporations, and individuals. This balance is achieved by operating the company in an equal and just manner. Corporate governance also provides a structure for determining a company's goals, the means of achieving these goals, and monitoring performance. It establishes boundaries within which companies can set their goals. The laws governing corporations are designed to protect the public and society, discouraging mismanagement and fraud.
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