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What are the general steps to form an LLC in any state?

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) involves several key steps, which are generally consistent across all states.
The first step is to choose a unique LLC name that includes the phrase "Limited Liability Company" or a variation thereof, and does not contain any forbidden or restricted terms.
This name can be checked for availability in your state's LLC name database.
The next step is to appoint a registered agent, who can be an individual or a business, to represent your LLC in legal matters. This agent must be a resident of the state where your LLC is registered or a business authorized to operate in that state, and must have a physical address in the state.
Some states require LLCs to publish a public notice of their existence in a local paper before filing their Articles of Organization. After the notices have been published, an affidavit of publication should be submitted to the LLC filing office.
The Articles of Organization, which provide basic information about your LLC, should be filed with the Secretary of State or appropriate office. This document includes the address and name of your LLC, the address and name of the LLC's registered agent, and the names and signatures of the LLC owners. A filing fee will be required, which varies from state to state.
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