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What are the differences between offensive and defensive patent insurance policies?

Patent insurance is a crucial tool for companies, providing coverage against patent infringement lawsuits. This insurance comes in two forms: offensive and defensive policies. Defensive patent insurance policies function like traditional insurance policies, offering protection to companies when they need to defend themselves against a claim. This type of policy is particularly useful when a company is accused of infringing on another entity's patent. On the other hand, offensive patent insurance policies, also known as pursuit and abatement policies, cover costs if a company has to pursue another entity for infringing on their patent. This type of policy is beneficial when a company's patent has been infringed upon and they need to take legal action against the infringing party. Both offensive and defensive patent insurance policies offer companies the best possible protection against patent-related lawsuits. However, they serve different purposes and are used in different scenarios. Defensive policies are used when a company is defending against a claim, while offensive policies are used when a company is making a claim against another entity.
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