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What are the common problems associated with the traditional concept of engagement?

The traditional concept of engagement, particularly in the context of employee engagement surveys, is associated with several common problems. One of the main issues is the failure to ask the right kinds of questions. The effectiveness of engagement surveys largely depends on the quality of the questions asked. If the questions are not well-crafted, the survey may not yield the necessary information to improve employee engagement and productivity. Another problem is related to the timing of the surveys. Many companies conduct their surveys during the summer months when employees are generally happier. While this strategy may result in higher participation rates, it may not provide an accurate measurement of employee engagement throughout the year. The traditional concept of engagement also struggles with the actual engagement of employees. Many companies find it challenging to engage their employees effectively, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. This issue necessitates a shift from an annual check-up review to a more holistic, continuous, and organic approach to business strategy.
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