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What are the characteristics of venture capital investments?

Venture capital investments are a unique type of investment that are typically made in small businesses with high growth potential. These investments are characterized by several key features. Firstly, they lack liquidity, meaning they cannot be easily converted into cash. This is because venture capital investments are often tied up in the business for a long period of time before they can be realized. Secondly, venture capital investments carry a high level of risk. This is due to the fact that they are often made in new, unproven businesses that may not succeed. However, this high risk is balanced by the potential for high returns if the business does succeed. Thirdly, venture capital investments have a long-term horizon. This means that investors in venture capital are typically prepared to wait for a significant period of time before seeing a return on their investment. Venture capital investments are also typically reserved for innovative projects. This is because these types of projects often require a large amount of upfront capital, which can be provided by venture capital. Another key characteristic of venture capital investments is that they often involve equity participation. This means that the investor becomes a financial partner in the business, often with the ability to participate in the management of the business.
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