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How is a Certificate of Existence different from a Certificate of Incorporation or a Certificate of Organization?

A Certificate of Existence, also known as a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Authorization, is a state-issued document that verifies a company's compliance with statutory requirements and its authorization to conduct business in that state. This certificate only indicates the company's status in relation to compliance and statutory requirements for good standing. Some states, like Delaware, provide specific tax information on the Certificate of Existence, but most tax-related information is obtained from the Department of Revenue. On the other hand, a Certificate of Incorporation or a Certificate of Organization is different from a Certificate of Existence. The Certificate of Existence primarily contains the business's name, current status (active, dissolved, struck-off), and information about whether the business has filed an annual report and is up-to-date on its state fee payments. The Certificate of Existence may be required in various situations such as applying for foreign qualification through the state government, obtaining financing from a lender, engaging in a transaction through a financial institution, doing business with partners or investors, applying for specific licenses or permits, selling your business, or planning to do business in another state.

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